People are retarded. Okay people, obviously I DO NOT AGREE, OR DID YOU NOT NOTICE THE FACE AT THE BOTTOM? I posted this cause I wanted to share the idiocy of ot retarded people
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People are retarded

Okay people, obviously I DO NOT AGREE, OR DID YOU NOT NOTICE THE FACE AT THE BOTTOM? I posted this cause I wanted to share the idiocy of other people with you.

Proving Atheists Wrong With Science #1
The amount of water on Earth is
Let' s assume that people will use only 2 liters of water
per day. This is a lot less than people actually use, but
fer simplicity we' ll only take the optimal drinking
quantity per day.
There are 6 billion people on , ser to
7 billion, but let' s be generous to the atheists).
This means that we drink 12 billion liters of
water per day (' Nir liters)
The Bible says that the Earth has only existed
for around some years, In that time we would
only have been able to use thatnk% of the
water on the whole world”:
Compare that to what the atheists say - that life has existed for
around 3 billion years"
This would mean that we would have drunk 9. 5 amount of
water on the Janet! This is obviously impossible since our oceans
are not b, -',",,'), In Est we have huge amounts of unused water!
Now what atheists?
science is slowly proving you wrong.
What will you do once you have neither scripture nor
science to back you up?
Where can you turn?
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Submitted: 08/15/2011
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#5 - rylster (08/15/2011) [-]
but every time we piss that piss is slowly filtered by the ocean or a pond or what ever body of water it ends up in so technically speaking we have unlimited water as long as your willing to drink water that's been drank several times before as well as pissed out several times before in fact we've already drank the water that's been pissed out repeatedly
#7 - quackersone (08/15/2011) [-]
Wha.....? were you not taught the water cycle at all?
User avatar #10 - lamarss (08/16/2011) [-]
THE ANSWER:WE PISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#6 - urall (08/15/2011) [-]
take into the fact that we release water when we die, piss, sweat, etc; the water is put back into the atmosphere by all creatures on Earth, living and dead.
#12 - bhettogooty (08/19/2011) [-]
thumbed down in attempt save humanity
thumbed down in attempt save humanity
#11 - mrblacksmoke (08/17/2011) [-]
that theory might be accurate if humans had existed for 3 billion years and that none of the water was replenished to the earth. fail religion vs science troII is fail.
#9 - fourthreetwoonboom **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #8 - cshp (08/15/2011) [-]
I hate my religion...
User avatar #3 - shotanangel (08/15/2011) [-]
r... u... serious??? please stop giving us scientists a bad name, and go jump off a bridge... leave REAL science to the big boys. k?
User avatar #2 - lalacorinney (08/15/2011) [-]
lol anon wins this time
#1 - anonymous (08/15/2011) [-]
hint: the water cycle
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