wtf is wrong with some people. stupid people are stupid. Melanie Not to be mean but I wouid ieye to knew why peeple think Steven Hawking is Se Smart. I since ne
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wtf is wrong with some people

stupid people are stupid

Not to be mean but I wouid ieye to knew why peeple think Steven Hawking
is Se Smart. I since nething BEE en him werks preparin, they' d figure at
least his brain wouid.
E. minut
ES. age . Like . Comment
and 4 ethers like this,
S key scientific werks to date haye included
presiding, with ) ger F' enrage, theorems regarding gravitational
singularities in the ) c) f general relativity, and the theoretical
prediction that black Sheeit emit radiation, which is taday
knern ; Hawking radiation (er sometimes ;
22 minutes age ' Like ' ch I persin
Kevin_ and that has significance to human life
himt,,,?? NOBODY CARES.
E minutes age ' Like
Kevin _ELEI% c) f all human beings will NEVER e'en
hear c) f whatever it is u just mentioned in that cemment Se
therefore, it Series c) f ZERO importance or LEE) to the human race.
instead c) f spending federal funding out trying to find a needle in a
haystack, why dent these Se called "smart" peeple like hawking try
to fix the econemy with all their mathematics and put that
intelligence to good LEE) instead c) f playin around with telescopes,
ugh. disgusts me,
7 minutes age ' Like ' I persin
s; a reasen it' s simply "theoretical," I can
develop theories w my ewn, ' t make me a genius,
6 minutes age ' Like ' eh I persin
Kevin _thank u melanie. ; far ; i, and i beileve i
can speak fer the majority c) f Americans, am cc) ,, ) c) f
that Space garbage will ayer matter to LEE) the earth is NOT
geing to run out c) f natural resources, we are NOT (experiencing
global warming," and id like to kick stephen hawkings flickin
wheelchair dyer and See hew smart he Wai; abaut that. lei
abaut a minute age ' Like
Kevin _weii i mean, i can sit there and cemo up
with ways to energy and theories abaut hew stars are
bern, hte, and die and became Samething (else and all this hooplah
abaut Space ******** that desent matter. i can also cemo up with
ways to fix eur econemy, or at least start in that direction ya
knew... but WEISS that make me a werld leading politician or
E) CC) ) mist?? hell . it makes me a man with commen SENSE,
Samething eur government desent knew the meaning cf
3 minutes age ' Like
3 minutes age ' Like
I enjee when yeu' re en a rant, it puts a smile en
my face fyc) ear to ear. But yeu' re 100% right, Swear to it. I feel
the Same way.
abaut a minute age ' Like
Kevin _thank you melanie. glad to knew at least
ene ether persin besides myself has COMMON SENSE. lei © katie.
abaut a minute age ' Like
i’ - I' d rather haye commen SENSE dyer beek smarts
any day, it' s mere crucial to life matters,
abaut a minute age ' Like
Kevin_ ecactly. like, i kid u net, i cpuid hte my
entire life and NEVER knew what quantum mechanics, or string
theere, ******* " singularities in the ) general
relativity, and the theoretical prediction that black Sheeit emit
radiation" is and id be MUCH better eff than these crazy 355 Scientisi
whe haye CIC) life to begin with. i mean cem' en, HES IN A *******
WHEELER/ URL. l. e'en if the werld starts to end and there is a way tr
survive it, HE SURE AS HELL WOULDNT BE ABLE Toll. DAMN, can i
get a "BOOM ROASTED" melanie?? lei
a few Decends age ' Like
i’ - It Series CIC) purpose to the significance c) f eyery
day life. And abaut his entire "" thing: were bern, we hte, and
we' ll whenever it' s time, there' S CIC) we trying to predict it either.
A let c) f things emit radiation, tanning beds, micra) , etc. I feel
bad when I make mp c) f his illness or whatever but it' s the truth, I
haye cc) spastic) n fer that part but eberyone acts like he' s high and
mighty, I m beileve a pertian w it is a pity party. And, I den' t e'en
knew what that means but yeu' re legit Se I' ll humer ya! "BOOM
btw. I get all exited and typed.
2 Decends age ' Like
Kevin_ its like what new in terms hahaha.
and you cerldnt haye said that any better mel, i will ievye it be new.
abaut a minute age ' Like
Melanie's like it, it' s pretty Swanky ifi m Say Se myself, I
think we haye made eur paint rather nicely.
Melanie - Can I get a yeehaw?!
a few Decends age ' Like
2 Decends age ' Like
Kevin_ and melanie, btw, dent Say "net to be
mean" u definitely had the intentions c) f being mean! imae
2 Decends age ' Like
Melanie-' Lmfao, I knew, right? You knew me Se well.
2 Decends age ' Like
Kevin_ what can i Say, "great minds think alike" lei.
take that stephen hawking!! BOOM . l. lei
abaut a minute age ' Like
i’ - Hahahahaha!
in Decends age ' Like
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#4 - anonymous (08/15/2011) [-]
Lol, some one needs to find there facebook.
User avatar #3 - cunthearyou (08/15/2011) [-]
That weird urge i have to kill another human surfaces when I read this. Find me these people FJ...find them...
#2 - Candian (08/15/2011) [-]
This must be llorting. There is no way anyone can be this stupid, there is not a chance in hell people don't understand that you need this smart people to figure tough **** out to advance our species, and understand everything around us. And if they were serious, the hope for future generations has severely dropped.
#1 - SGfannr (08/15/2011) [-]
if u read it
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