People these days. . .. These are all mine from my newsfeed, and one from yahoo answers. I hope you liked it!. i need a boyfriend, ifu wanna date text me I ifu  People are Stupid These days platypus
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People these days. . .

These are all mine from my newsfeed, and one from yahoo answers. I hope you liked it!

i need a boyfriend, ifu wanna date text me I ifu wanna date or wanna be friends
or somethingg
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Andrea French likes this,
l. are you really that desperate?!?! this is
horrible!! come on reallyy?? l. l.
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f".'.', Michaela -__- -. really 7 thats not what you wanna be saying, your
i '...i) i'. going into It grade, you dont want the rep t
W“ l. about an hour ago . Like . , 2 people
qr e Hillel Ci hahaha u really are desprate u lil something
36 minutes ago . Like
wow did i take m boyfriend sorry m so desprate
aaww what happen to cor} -mu yeah thats right he told meeh
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typen Causation Show me another to
Help i flush my hamster bubba the hamster down
the toilet where is he!!!! how do i get him back?
he were just going for a swim and i accedentally hush happ[ i[[[[ l[ i
answer. F Report/ truss
who likes cheeseburger?
iii 3 hours ago we to: -99 IES CASIO ' Like , Comment
if likes this,
r' ,aigt. Tou an Ase Po on a caculator?
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so, Canadians have a rip offa day of 'the tth of July" that happens July sst and its
walled ‘Canada Day', . . . .what else is there to say.
about an hour ago -Like -Comment
Em :_-seesaw; FOR MAPLE SYRUP, .. and hockey. and i
guess canadian bacon... whim is just ham, . .. {whim i claim as created
by america) and, . .. that about sums it up. DH WAIT, . .. maybe
Forgetting something to thank them For. .. choice in head*
l l I) 'reality* nope. thats
all they need to celebrate.
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we went to an Ethiopian restaurant, she wanted to go.
And Iwas like, Ididn' t know they had food in Ethiopia."
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mow ian wow
2 hours ago . Like
mats a so horrible
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it' s hilarious
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Ewe Irma engaged to Heather
Ill' 19 minutes ago . Like f Comment . See Friendship -
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that mean
19 minutes ago . Like
the - an really explain it? its a compliment though ace
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Bryan -
18 minutes ago . Like
the “ assume this is not legitimate
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16 minutes ago . Like
the Mm assume your not actually engadged
16 minutes ago . Like
Bryan wt aked her to marry me so in my book its real
15 minutes ago . Like
Fra To are you actually getting married
minutes ago . Like
11 minutes ago . Like -
I. not yet but in a couple years
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