iwo jima rant. puts on flamesuit<br /> i see this has pissed off a lot of people 0_O, i was just venting geese, but seriously. i was just trying to make a the Real heroes dont give a fuck what You guys think
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iwo jima rant

iwo jima rant. puts on flamesuit<br /> i see this has pissed off a lot of people 0_O, i was just venting geese, but seriously. i was just trying to make a

*puts on flamesuit*<br />
i see this has pissed off a lot of people 0_O, i was just venting geese, but seriously. i was just trying to make a point about not just iwo jima, but ALL wars, to me anything about wars is not funny.

hello funnyjunk,
i' been coming on this website for a while
now, and i' gotta say, it' s pretty funny.
998/ i, of the time.
now, not one to complain about mutch, but
there' s one thing that really gets me angry.
it' s stupid ******* **** like this that pokes fun
at the worst of all american battles in history:
iwo jima.
now, i just wanted to make this picture to get a
point across, and just incase you don' t know
anything about the battle of iwo jima, here are
some FACTS about the battle.
of the six men in that picture, only 3 men lived to
see the battle won.
6, 891 american men died in that battle.
18, 070 where wounded
the battle of iwo jima lasted for 36 days straight
look closer at the picture, see what they' re standing
on? those are dead bodies. you gonna replace them
with funny looking cats too? better yet, replace the
whole ******* picture with lolcats.
i' m just saying, learn some respect please. stupid ****
like this really pisses me off.
if one person, JUST ONE PERSON gets my point
and thumbs up this picture, i' ll be happy.
i just wanted to see if there' s anyone on this entire
website has even a shred of respect for the men and
women who give their lives every single day so that
people like that prick have the freedom to.
if you agree with what i' m trying to say, and like me
would like for people to stop making a funny subject
about something as serious as wars.
thanks for listening,
oh, and here' s the real picture of the heroes that gave
their lives for mu u s.
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Submitted: 03/05/2010
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#40 - anonymous (03/06/2010) [+] (1 reply)
This post was Looonnnggg
User avatar #43 to #40 - SirPrize (03/06/2010) [-]
-cat. Sorry, couldn't resist
User avatar #56 - JSismyname (03/06/2010) [+] (2 replies)
You are clearly a Hypocritical Nationalist fool.
Your NAME is offensive to thousands of people who visit this site. so the racism, sexism, hatred and prejudiced is okay but when some one mentions somthing important to you, you go off on a huge rant.
User avatar #780 - Alimosaka (03/06/2010) [+] (2 replies)
I respect soldiers considering I'm going to be enlisting in the Marine Corps. But I see jokes about everything. Just ranting about something simple like a cat put as a flag? I just find it retarded to even rant about it on the net like that. What about the Japs that suffered too? It's not like every single jap supported the war or even wanted to fight. There's respect for soldiers but then there's a time for not being so uptight to the point where a picture so simple ruins your day and makes you rant on a website made for the lolz
User avatar #328 - LyingCake (03/06/2010) [-]
I respect you for taking a stand for what you believe in. I for one do not totally agree with you, but still.
User avatar #742 - JAlbastlkr (03/06/2010) [-]
User avatar #733 - KeyboardCat (03/06/2010) [-]
I understand where you're coming from but the day you get fj to give a **** .....
User avatar #37 - Faz (03/06/2010) [+] (5 replies)
ohh stfu people can make fun about world war 2 and 1 in which millions died but a war with thousands died and thats 2 much for you? and just because it was america? how aout them 6 million jews that died in the camps you gunna say you have never laughed at a war jew joke?
User avatar #39 to #37 - mrradical (03/06/2010) [-]
Battle of Iwo Jima was not a war. It was part of world war 2. which was also fought against hitler and him killing six million jews. moron
User avatar #31 - richuncleskeleton (03/06/2010) [-]
not to belittle the achievement of the american armed forces. indeed alot of reverence is due here, but i cant help but point out that this photo was staged, some staff officer wanted a bigger flag than the one used originally....
User avatar #22 - embugaboo (03/05/2010) [-]
Hmmm, well this isn't funny at all. And yeah, people die. We may as well laugh at the inevitable. Why should we spend our time bitching and moaning about dying? And those guys would be dead by now anyways. Preparing for a million thumbs down.
User avatar #282 - PetroleumPinecone (03/06/2010) [-]
Get off your high horse. People laugh at inapropriate stuff, it's the joy of internet humour. If you can't deal with that, stay off internet sites that might offend you, otherwise, suck it up.
User avatar #280 - piclemaniscool (03/06/2010) [-]
Seriously? racism, 9/11, and all around trolling of Americans and you pick iwo jima? i never saw anything about it on fj, including that picture, and i cant see how longcat is offensive in any way. im American, and very patriotic,and i mourn the loss of the good men and women overseas, but this rant doesn't seem to hold water.
User avatar #784 - Rotnpankake (03/06/2010) [+] (1 reply)
life is filled with sour things like war, so if you cant put humor into things, then why is life worth living. I understand your looking for respect, but that pic isn't saying hey you guys suck.
#762 - mnemmick **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #730 - babaco (03/06/2010) [-]
give a ************ is still at 0
#604 - anonymous (03/06/2010) [+] (2 replies)
seriously, you're looking for respect on a humor site? That's like going to a waste management company looking for a repair man...
#609 to #604 - youjustgotfranked (03/06/2010) [-]
thats like going to /b/ expecting a nice casual conversation with fine gentlmen who have proper grammer.
User avatar #599 - PedoBaer (03/06/2010) [-]
It's still funny
User avatar #404 - Sunburn (03/06/2010) [-]
I have to point out something.

Look at the name of the guy that posted this picture.

I'm American too and I have loads of respect for anyone that has joined the service. But come on. You get pissed because of a Longcat picture yet your name is 'POPEonarope'?
#283 - bmwager (03/06/2010) [+] (3 replies)
hey asshole what those guys fought for was freedom
being able to photoshop a fcking cat over the flag is fredom of expression
and that picture was not actully taken till after the originl flag was raised
so with my freedm of speech i say " **** YOU"
#281 - Fishicles (03/06/2010) [-]
Long cat is long.
#78 - jimmysilverrims (03/06/2010) [-]
Really? You're gonna be uptight PC when your name is

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