worth the read. . Anger when we ' Ied a ream we dag, and yen]: -M need to take new an , human know, take It mm " deli? Inuit. lull real! III I was lining Mun I  tags are Gay
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worth the read

Tags: tags | are | Gay
when we ' Ied a ream we dag, and yen]: -M need to
take new an , human know, take It
mm " deli? Inuit. lull real! III
I was lining Mun I nee : elli' to
Amen eri: ' ered. a: eying; I 'Meting
I watery an were re earn. were I pine! Maya I: arl: erw"
Suddenely mania‘. retina Hm wile my ear: '
emu: mane we Hammad anan an me.
I mud be " rude.
had mama remedied we ' earls.
arm marry new her. idet) idied In an the hum‘ emu.
when the " mam mane. Tetra en manual‘.
and hung up
I hie MEI WHEN '' and puttign
troyer" ,
Every amen Hunk; Mean lure: will armed a really bad
dear. hi rail hire up and yen.
Yuppie '
cheered Ina up
calling name new to nap.
telephone earn; -eny.
We ceiling tn an lyao* re an Gila! ID Program?'
He yelled ‘Hill? and abandoned mun the mum.
I quickly celled we new and end. ‘There dawn yawn en
antt new up
me attend
I htt We installed been waning , Idle!
ignored me,
A mph ' daye duh after ceiling the that had hie
an We em}. I new calm new amen.
I Hid. We we the man with we heath ?'
He and “fee. Ila.’
linen emcee. 'I: ena.. -an all . Inhere I an use it?
He and "res, I we Blvd. In Fenian.
We mam awe heme amen Carts perked " -
I allred. ‘hither: yam name?‘
He aadd.‘ name la Eur Hanna’
I and. ‘Harem Dan. yen "
I end. ‘Elan. en enema’
Than I hung up. and added his numberr in my weed dial. tee.
Than I dame up eniter...
He asked. we we -
I and. "Halli"
He . may ruling me.‘
I end. ‘Ileana me.‘
He emcee. "IAI' naero yen?‘
I nu. "My name II than Henna.‘
Illa . Ween? ill} we Eye?‘
I end. ‘Mannie. I he ! ity Hm. In Fairfax. We a "
algae name and. I new I DEE! learner % In Irene’
He add. Tm ' I: Ia ever right near. thm,. And we had better elm‘!
ea}: -In yam Hume’
I and. Teen. Hire many seared. ! ' |' DIE.' end may up
Then I ruled Lemma "
He laid. ‘Hale?
He wired. ‘iii entreri' Ind are...‘
I hid. Ttwtt' WNW‘
m Melt your an.‘
I .' AII.' . ere. nere' e year :lienen. rm evening aver
Then I new up and igrymi! lulled Ina Pelee. men lived at
Humvee Hurdle l' . was are
men I and channel T Heme were an
genera my an and needed everyon ,
I lime eaat' : the tree eel an
use ' all can Earl. an stapht" , will
any e new crew.
HIE“ we
Anger Melly duece
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#4 - anonymous (08/13/2011) [-]
Cool story bro
#3 - anonymous (08/13/2011) [-]
**anonymous rolls 74**
User avatar #2 - JoeTheBadass (08/13/2011) [-]
this is one of my favorite contents of all time.
#1 - wutde (08/12/2011) [-]
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