Omegle Spy Mode 1. Hope you liked it!. annuls." 'ane" shno' ingoing Gethr Question: What is your Favourite dinosaur? Discuss which would win in a fight. She Mye omegle spy mode Clever girl dinosaurs dinosaur

Omegle Spy Mode 1

Hope you liked it!

annuls." 'ane" shno' ingoing
Question: What is your Favourite
dinosaur? Discuss which would win in a
She Myer 2: t rex duhh
etranger 1: Fagasaurus.
Changer 1: And my one would because it would ********* your tag dinosaur like nobody' s business.
Stranger 2 has disconnected
She nggr 2: godzilla
Changer 1: velociraptor M
She nger 2: godzilla would win
Stranger 1: ha, I beg to differ
Stranger 1: for you see, velociraptors are undead and can pilot fighters
Stranger 1 has disconnected
Stranger 2: t rex
She nggr 2: ******* rm
Stranger 2: I MMN
Stranger 2 has disconnected
She nggr 2: the one that opens the door
Stranger 2: Yoshi-
Stranger 1: dickasaurus
Stranger 2 has disconnected
She Myer 2:
Stranger 1: Raptor
Stranger 2: raptor would probably win
Changer 1: They can doors
Stranger 2: Bolt
Stranger 2: Pterodactyl
Stranger 2: Because he can fly
Stranger 2: Flying = Instant win
Stranger 1: i kinda like the Pterodactyl as well...
Stranger 1: Stegosauruses are bro too though.
Stranger 2: Everyone likes the Pterodactyl
Stranger 2: Pitt
Stranger 2: He can' t fly though
Stranger 1: True, but he has those spikes.
Stranger 2: Also, whoever made this question, Hake my hat off to you
Stranger 1: he Pterodactyl fell into him, ITD DEE.
Stranger 2: the spikes sort of stop him being carried away to the nest
She nggr 2: if a Pterodactyl fallot,
She nger 2: How can it fall? ti flies?
Stranger 1: 'Shrug* Perhaps it broke its wings
Stre nggr 2: pter pack would win easy.
Stranger 1 z pter
Stranger 1 z lol
Stranger 1 z so we each have a pter pack?
Stre nggr 2: ya
Stranger 1: i use clever girl!
Stranger 2: what, 2
Stranger 1 z jurassic pack'?
She nger 1 z the guy is hunting?
Stranger 1 z sees a
Stranger 1 z gets attacked from the side?
Stranger 1: says clever girl?
Stre nggr 2: l/ W is jurassic park
Stranger 1 has disconnected
wen; that' s it for now, thanks for Arie' wing t)
You Decide
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