Revenge on Wal Mart: A Coming Storm. So while doing a little light revenge pranking, I get the "you're a stupid teenager" talk by an assistant manager wal mart Wal Slave slav mart Revenge Not ok payback Time True story OC OP electronics computer Prank
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Revenge on Wal Mart: A Coming Storm

So while doing a little light revenge pranking, I get the "you're a stupid teenager" talk by an assistant manager. I guess it's time to step it up a bit. OC and true story, I know it's a long read but it has to be. Thumb and comment.

Le friend and I walking
around to waste
I press Prtsc
to copy the
go into pain
and put
Sucks" in the
back ground,
removed the
icons, and
replace the
Le employee comes by and
tries to remove it.*
Lacking computer skills
he Locks the computer
A wild manager
Brian appears*
The only reason
my department
manager and
manager found
out about what
happened was
because I told
them about it
and that I would
take a lie
detector test.
The only reason I
put up with it was
because by then I
worked only
weekends because I
had school and my
money on sundays
I didn' t change so I
made 25 canes less
per hour, but guit
before I lost
money from my
pande "vacation."
I walk away as if
nothing happened
and observe...
Le wild phone
I pick it up and start
to mess around with
around wit
need to
jhf Isak'
and othar
You urn in my story and you
urn ******* aro
with our
alah blah
fltj 1
I worked at this
for about
a year, my managers
liked me and I was
good with the
out of the blue, I
was accused of
stealing money, and
put on suspension.
After about a week I
get called back. The
manager says I' m not
getting fired, that
I' m getting paid for
my time off, but
that I am being moved
to a different
department and
And now you want
to lecture me
because your own
employees in the
department know
**** about
H comuters and you
leave phones up
anyone can use?
Illia t
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Submitted: 08/11/2011
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User avatar #1 - remag (08/11/2011) [+] (4 replies)
Hmm, I seem to have said story instead of store but it's part of a rant that's covered up...I wonder if this will doom my comic...............
#2 to #1 - DJZeke (08/11/2011) [-]
Probably... But maybe you'll be one of the lucky ones. Even with your spelling errors. -dundundun-
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