Human body tricks. thumb if you liked and please dont skip. STRANGE BUT USEFULL HUMAN TRICKS 1) Painless Shots - Pat pressure hear the spat thaw about to get th
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Human body tricks

thumb if you liked and please dont skip

1) Painless Shots - Pat pressure hear the spat thaw about
to get the needle and gm?!’ feel it fess. Just make a circle
with gear thaw-. b and forefinger mad bash down a few
seconds before the shat. This overrides nearby
the shot feel mere fike. a gentle poke.
2) Hiccup - Nothing can be there aggravating than
nonstop . , gear body has a
reehee' g: Take gear deepest breath and we for 10 seconds,
are then, without , breathe in mere air mad hold
for another 5 seconds, Then, one mere _, breathe {h as
mach air as gea eahc we for 5 seconds, and breath eat-
hopefully without ahg mere hiccups,
5) Breeze - IF gea‘ re feeling anxious and eah
feet gear heart racing, calf gear therub into action,
blowing eh gear thand, gea CHM get gear heart rate back
4) Throat Tickle Care - To relieve that constant feeling he
the back of gear throat, tickle ear.
the area around gear ear creates a reflex {h the
threat that eases the .
fr) Staffed Nose Cleared - Year body has a natural
he gear MUSE. Jaw push gear tongue
against the roof of gear sheath, then press between gear
eyebrows with a finger. Keep it we for about 20 seconds
and gear ‘NIH start he drain,
Hope heme ref’ these were
reposts, ifso are sang and
5/ ea Sara theme’ dawn Lt-
bat idgou eh_/ agree’ please
theme’ age? hcr
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Submitted: 08/11/2011
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#1 - saintjimmyy (08/11/2011) [+] (1 reply)
Thanks for the first trick, Im getting a shot tomorrow. You are my good guy greg.
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