Fun and Interesting FACTS Comp. part 1. 100+ THUMBS for part 2 EDIT: Meh im gonna post it anyway /funny_pictures/2469014/fun+and+interesting+facts+comp+part+2/. Fun and Interesting FACTS Comp part 1 100+ THUMBS for 2 EDIT: Meh im gonna post it anyway /funny_pictures/2469014/fun+and+interesting+facts+comp+part+2/
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Fun and Interesting FACTS Comp. part 1

Fact 223:
YOU can tum
a beatbox.
Fact 224:
A science project
showed that Fast food ice was
dirtier than toilet water.
Fact Pas:
A way you can tell f you' re
whispering or not is to put your
hand at your throat. f you feel
vibrations, you' re talking. f you
don' t, you' re whispering.
Fact 222:
The human mind can
maintain social relationships
with up to ISO people.
Fact 230:
The voice of Mickey Mouse
Wayne Alewife), and the
voice of Minnie Mouse
Russi Taylor) were
actually married in real life.
Fact 234:
2?% of people on Earth
have red hair.
Fact 245:
on average, you’ ll spend
a year of your life looking
for misplaced objects.
Fact 246:
The last letter to be added
to our alphabet was J.
Fact 250:
Steal, cherries contain more
Vitamin C than oranges Clal
Fact 2" Sieg,
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