High Speed LSD. This must be a great Hotel!.. seen beter simply !!!pwnd!!! :)
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High Speed LSD

This must be a great Hotel!

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Submitted: 07/07/2009
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#10 - anonymous (10/29/2009) [-]
he's not being a hater he's just stating the obvious. It's PCP that makes you think that you can fly...not LSD.
#8 - anonymous (09/29/2009) [-]
I think its supposed to be read... "Free high(!)" with choices of "speed" and "LSD"
#6 - Jonez (09/05/2009) [-]
lsd it is a type of drug
#5 - chikitabplinda (09/05/2009) [-]
LSd? explian please.
#4 - Juggalos Priest (09/01/2009) [-]
yeah im gettin a room there...
User avatar #3 - killerangel (07/20/2009) [-]
seen beter simply !!!pwnd!!! :)
#2 - anonymous (07/08/2009) [-]
woot lsd.... i think i can fly :DDD
#9 to #2 - anonymous (09/30/2009) [-]
dude...hater much? and dont be proud that you take a lot of acid, doesnt make you cool
#7 to #2 - anonymous (09/29/2009) [-]
thats the kind of **** that an lsd nub would say. you don't think you can fly or anything retarded like that you just feel awesome and get cool visuals
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