Very interesting uses for everyday stuff. I know I found at least 2 or 3 I will be using myself. Toothpaste Rubber Bands 1. Remove crayon marks squid a small da Very interesting uses for everyday stuff I know found at least 2 or 3 will be using myself Toothpaste Rubber Bands 1 Remove crayon marks squid a small da
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Very interesting uses for everyday stuff

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Very interesting uses for everyday stuff. I know I found at least 2 or 3 I will be using myself. Toothpaste Rubber Bands 1. Remove crayon marks squid a small da

I know I found at least 2 or 3 I will be using myself

Rubber Bands
1. Remove crayon marks
squid a small dab on nonages toothpaste on
the wall where the mark is Rub gaudy aim a
sell chili, men rinse with warm water vernal
2. slenderize hands
can get garlic or onion moral! your
hands? wash them " a blob on toom,
3. Whilee sneakers
Clean by rubbing new marks
mm an old toothbrush and nanael tooh
4. Butt a DVD
Get of light scratches by squeezing a lime
unto a colon ball wipe
over me DVD from the center our lo the
edge Rose min wane. and dry with a non-
abrasive, gone
5. [meg goggles
Coat me inside goggles aim
toothpaste, men wipe be crystal
1. Secure a screw
omen loose screws on cable's or pol
handles by some clear nail polish
on screw threads Insertive screw and let
dry before using again ( also
keeps men. iron. lusting i
2. Stop mulch
keep costume levelly iron. liming black
will. a coat of clear polish
3. Seal an envelope
worried about wherer me glue will hold?
Brush polish on the underside on the clap
4. Mend a screen
Stop a small hole rho bigger than id och in
diameter) from gelling any bigger by brush-
W a we clear nail polish over me spot
5. Smooth a hanger
Where are rough edges on wooden or pm
ire hangers man could snag clothes, dam
throw one hangers out Just brush polish
ever nails
Dryer Sheets
I, Deodorize shoes
Tuck a dryer sheet min smelly sneakers or
shoes (gym bags and suitcases, tool) Jer-
nigh! no odors
2. Clean stockton gunk
Rona fresh sheen in a pan will.
food and nil Willi water Let sin or a new
hours and me need will easily wipe away
3. Freshen up the shower
Rub shower doors and walls Willi a wet
sheen to remove mineral deposits and soap
4. Ease sewing
Run a threaded needle through a sheet
before sewing, in helps keep horn lair
5. Tame hair
Calm slam; electricity and
by quickly a dryer sheen
eve. oraly hair
Hand Lotion
Fill a small arnet. on your hands and rub
them ever your clothing or pantyhose
2. Polish shoes
in a pinch, a lime bin or lotion pulled mth a
elem salves the leather and makes shoes
3. Moisturize under your gloves
Store a tube on in near your gloves. and
smooth some onto your hands every nine
you pull them on
4. an rid of (rill
Spread a lime ever moi directly on
hair) and scrunch your negers through the
mu Agreat ladies' icon. trick
5. shave
Has that can or loan. sputtered out? Grab a
bottle oi lotion as a sandal Bonus Your
legs stay mesmerized afterward
Petroleum Jelly
1 ' Protect your pet
ll your cars or dogs paw pads are cracked
and dry, rub aniline petroleum jelly on them lo
soothe the discomfort
2. Wipe away wane. marks
Dab will petroleum jelly and let sinner 24
hours Wipe or me excess and polish min.
lure as usual
3. Loosen up outdoor
Dirt and dust can cause outdoor bulbs to
stick Rub a nude petroleum Jelly on are
breads mime pulp before you screw ii in and
l wont slick in the more
4. Sideline a squirrel
coal me pole Ma bird
woa' t be able to get at the need
5. Menu your nail job
Dab in on the skin around hails before polish-
mg ll you make a mistake, the polish will
easily wipe away
I, Veggie wash
Remove din iron. greens like spinach, are
pula and kale by swirling them around in a
bowl of salt wane.
2. Keep windows
Rub the inside of windows with a sponge
dipped in saltwater, and ' i collect
3. Banish bubbles
seine on excess suds when sandwiching
garments in the sink or doing me dishes by
sprinkling lien. Willi a pinch of salt
4. Clean a greasy pan
Shaking a little salt on the pan before wash,
mg absorbs most oi the grease
5. Fix a sticky iron
To remove gunk spots, sprinkle aniline sail on
a piece on brown paper and run the hot iron
over in Repeat if necessary
6. Remove ware. marks horn wood
Make wane. marks disappear by making a
paste oi sat and cooking on Gently nip the
paste onto me ring WM} a sponge; let sin fora
new minnies wipe with a sell cloth and
polish as usual
1. Identity a bonnie
wrap a rubber band around a shampoo
belle and youll be able to all ills non condi-
even 'your eyes are lined with suds
2. Nealon thread
keep spools on thread worn unraveling by
wrapping them Willi a rubber band
3. Hold a lid
Prevent a polack the lid or
the dish by stretcher a band ever the top
4. Grip a loan
wrap a rubber band around me handle ora
hammer or screwdriver for a .
5. Extend yourpenis
Hunk a rubber band through the hum" hole
and secure the elm side to are button or
an extra halflings on breathing room
1. Protect your wall
Put a small piece on the spot where wore
going to hammer in a nail This keeps paint
from chipping
2. Tame scratchy clothes
Annoyed by a shin label rubbing the back on
your neck'? Tape down the lapel so ii lies rial
3. save a buried
lli) pleads are becoming loose, put a small
piece over men. to hold one button in place
4. Unstick plastic wrap
can nae the end Milne lull”! Linn ii up " a
piece touched to the edge
5. Steady a candle
Ft in snugly in me holder by wrapping a few
layers around me bottom lo secure
Hair Dryer
1. Remove crayon marks or wax spills
Bloody the slain on high heal unnie the wax
malls, men wipe in up Wm a sponge
2. "iron" out plastic tablecloth or shower
Hot air on plastic relaxes pesky wrinkles Be
sure to hold dryer 12" away
3. Shitposting or icing
Want your cake or cookies to leek perfect?
cool air helps harden icing, hot air brightens
a dull glaze
4. unstick a photo
Blow warm air on the back of the photo
album page while working me photo on the
other side free
5. Dust places
new a dryer sen on cool at those shelves
and corners. and New the dust right on
1. Slide rubber gloves on and "
sprinkle inside gloves balms you put them
on so they wont sack
2. Freshen your feet
Shake a bit Into socks to absorb
and help prevent blisters
3. Get cooking grease on a wall
Put on a plum and rub the spot mini the mark
is gone
4. Squelch a squeaky lieu.
sprinkle a mile between the boards to quill in
5. a knot
no some into stubbeh knots in shoelaces,
slung, chain necklaces, etc Works like
coffee Filters
I, Clean minors, windows and wine
PM your hand inside like a inn. and wipe
Fillers are and leave no streaks
2. Catch drips and crumbles
Have kids use lo. cookies and other messy
needs Pop ice cream sticks brough a herein
the bottom
3. Line flowerpots
Fill a filter inside the pone stop soil lien.
leaking brough me drainage holes on me
4. Protect your c in
keep your best dishes chips and
by pulling one between each piece when
5. save the wine aloe. ynu' broken the
If you pour me wine through a liner, yml'
catch me lost pieces on cork
Disposable Cups
1. Raise your centerpiece
Bonn lose h behind me mash Tun. Four small
cups upside down to elevate in (push them
together to hide them)
2. Make a string of
Have kids decorate plane cups Then take a
strand or lights and pop each light through
the bottom cl a cup
3. save yourself dishwashing
Put out a permanent marker and have
guests wills linen! name on “Well cup to keep
track or t
A Set Jello fast
Follow me speediest Instructions on the box,
pour lulu small paper cups and
win be ready in 20 minutes
5. Make a sine.
Poke holes in a cup Domini to sprinkle pow-
dared sugar on desserts Just toss in when
yourre done
1 ' Clean a
Get rid on slams and mineral deposits by no
mg the reservoir wim I part while vinegar, 2
parts water, and brewing Repeat every three
2. Prevent colors iron. running
To keep new dailies or towels from losing
color, soak them in l part vinegar, l part cold
water lo. mules were washing
3. Kill grass and weeds
Pour vinegar on upshot: between bricks and
flagstones The acidic component kills young
weeds in one donning
4. Freshen wilted vegetables
Perk up soggy may vegetables by soaking
men. in 2 cups cold wane. mixed , I Tbsp
vinegar lo. in minutes Rinse, dry and serve
5. Avoid moldy cheese
Soak a cloth in vinegar, wrap in around hard
cheese and seal in an wright or
uptop bag Daniel The vinegar prevents
mold spores
Tiptop Bags
Wax Paper
1 . Protect pans
Put a sheer bellow. pans when
them, The min man on wax prevents
2. snore candies
Roll colored candles": sheets paper
and iwill ends no seal They won‘. get nicked
up or smiled when they' re placed in draw
3. Shine a faucet
Run. chrome assures are cleaning to we
vent wane. spots and fager smudges
4. clean a handheld can opener
Run a piece or wax paper through the gears.
in loosens did and coals main so may run
5. Unstick pages
Insert paper wen pages oi a book
when they dry they' ll be good as new
I, Make a changing rim
Tear open me side seams or a
bag and lay Mt for an emergency diaper
changing area
2. Pack access _ s
organize by category (levelly, scarves, he
slew) so they' re easier to me in your suit
3. Knead dough
Use two quatsch bags as gloves to avoid
gelling your hands snacky You can also use a
bag to stare em dough
4. Create a temporary tumbl
improvise a funnel lei anything lion. sham,
poo to children’: beads and girlie.
5. Clean a shithead
Pour aniline white vinegar in a bag, rubber-
band ii to the showerhead and soak lo. a
1. Remove stains
Mark _ slams heavily
will. chalk before washing The dust helps
absorb the mls, making the slain easier to
2. Stop mulch
Wrap walk in cheeseblob and stare mth
silverware It absorbs moisture and helps
prevent garnishing
3. Steady a screwdriver
Rub chalk ever the handle or a screwdriver
to prevent slipping
4. Keep ants out
ll ants are ironing lulu your house, draw
chalk lines around their envy paints Many
chalk: contain calcium carbonate, which
ants dam like
5. Hide cracks
cover hadde cracks in walls until yew
ready to palm by rubbing over men. will a
marching color
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