Damn bikers. 1=10 points. Tyr ‘lakes millions and millions of years ‘I' D Form oil And we will probably burn '|' hrough H’ all in ’ an Few hundred. Maybe CIC..
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Intentionally running me over is a great way to stay in shape.
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<--- Did this make anyone think of minecraft?
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Why the **** are there purple bricks underground?
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Did you guys hear about the oil spill?!?!?!?
Did you guys hear about the oil spill?!?!?!?
#51 - darkvaliy (08/07/2011) [+] (3 replies)
oil in minecraft!
oil in minecraft!
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How many points do I get?
#120 - naziyahtzee (08/07/2011) [-]
Here's the hit and run game rules  
Old people=30  
Kids=50 (little bastards are faster than they look)
Here's the hit and run game rules

Old people=30
Kids=50 (little bastards are faster than they look)
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actually the real problem is not so much the fuel itself, but the fact our mechanisms are incredibly uneffective.
When you burn gas only like 5% of it actually moves the car.

That's why electrical cars are best solution

-they are more powerful that gas engine cars and eventually will be faster too
(nowdays electrical car can outdo any car on dragrace but not on a longer track. max speed is average in sports car terms)
- electrical cars use clean electricity, leaving no nature and humans harming emissions. Electricity may be produced both in green way or with gas, however it is million times easier to put one huge emission filter on a gas operated electricity station, than to fit a small one on every ol and new car.
- eventually oil will deplete anyways, so we better advance our electrostuff already now
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******* build a windup car
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Dude's face on the last panel made me laugh my ass off.
thumb for you! :D
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One of my friends makes bio diesel out of McDonald's french fry oil. NEVER ENDING SOURCE OF FUEL!
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>So I'm riding my bike to my work, I decided to take a short cut on a old dirt road which no one uses, mainly because the main roads are usually crowded with idiots during work mornings.
>I was about half way down the road, than suddenly some guy in a SUV pulls down the end of the road behind me.
>He shortly later honks his car horn which scares me and makes me fell off my bike.
>I crawl five feet to the right , to about the edge of the road to see what the hell was happening.
>Douche bag speeds down the road, passes me, backs up and later backs up on my back purposly.
>He later yells out, "10 POINTS, **** YEAH", than preceeds to play " **** THE PO PO" by Corey Smith on his car stereo on the highest volume possible than speeds down the road honking his horn.
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Did he get a highscore at least?
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Actually the earth makes millions of barrels a day in oil. The problem is is that we are consuming more than its making. So eventually we will catch up with it and we won't beable to use as much of it.
We can make more efficient cars.... But you can thank the OPEC for that not being in the general market.
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ok I'll put it like this.....

One day harry the dinosaur was walking around and died from a heart attack because he was a ****** ... the next day Larry the dinosaur dies from brutal rape..

million years later harry the dinosaur becomes oil, and million years and one day later (from the original death) Larry becomes oil... and this process goes on and on and on.....

Also I doubt we are running out of oil, we're running out of accessible oil
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My friend hit a biker with his backpack while walking a couple months back. We were all walking on the bike path on the way back from lunch during school and we told everyone a bike was coming, so he just spun around 3 times and nailed the guy with his backpack. Sent the biker to the ground and knocked him out. HE ALMOST DIED. We were late to class. True Story.
p.s. if he finds this comment he'll bitch at me
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id put up more of a fight
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People can't ride bikes in my city ever since they took out all the bike lanes. People keep getting run over.
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probably should... am i right guys?
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