Epic Troll. Trolling at it's best<br /> Note: If you can't read it click on it for the full size. we are currentlly It in line be tells In an - Yippe wait
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Epic Troll

Trolling at it's best<br />
Note: If you can't read it click on it for the full size

we are currentlly It in line be tells In an - Yippe wait time she uld be less than In minutes and l seventies.
Free are new oiih 'Ehen'
Ghee: Sty that I mar better assist You, weld we please tell me what rau' d like In been nun ' ?
pee: Hi, Can this thing get puma?
fee: Holla?
Ehen: He. but dens bins! -z DUN‘! er‘ em‘ in , sites
vets: If I shew we in site will we tell me if it in
fee: Why net?
Ghee: Sorry, "' I can , I-‘ rebel atelier dunes bind: ALL the websites we want to binder
yen: All at them?
Ethan: ‘r' es- any we wished block we be blunted by : hsr
Ghent Tes
fee: , t: haret even?
Efren: ‘res
FEE: wwy. v
Ghent ‘res
Gherd: ‘res
Ehen: All websites, altar?
fee: , msnbc: even?
Ghee: Tes
Ehen: ‘res
rent wvrv. rev : Eene. eem even?
Ghee: Tes. in we want tn list alt of the websites?
tree: I db " have time In read a full list... I Just want tn knew it it will blend: the new t need it to bledel.
yen: even?
Ehen: ‘res
fee: . iwm even?
Ghee: Ye
pee: wwiv. digg. aern even
Efren: ‘res
tree: , oba, tom even?
Ghee: Te
Innen: wwy. ebah , raym even?
When: ‘res
vets: kyser, , txet even?
Ghent Let me Eli we this- we dent need to enter the sites as we was cata block all of these sites
fee: Why wereld I want tn blend: all sites? : I be better att turning internet off complexly?
When: I mean. all the sites that we are seeing In true in this met
vets: Heel n we Irene what sites We new to type? are we " me?
Ehen: In I am net. Chatt am saving issu with 'n' ab' |' : he r- we can set up er enter the sites we wish to bleek- and waste! WE attire: it
fee: , com even?
Ghee: Yes
pee: , patrat even?
Efren: ‘res
fees , osk, corr, even?
Ghee: Tes
Innen: : haret even?
Ehen: ‘res
was ' t' l tail, ttritt even?
Ghent Tes
fee: Ppyahp, tatas, mtt even?
Ehren: ‘res
vets: , even?
Essen: T
fee: even?
Ehren: y
vets: werst, even?
he In T
wcvw. ves. enm even?
Ghee: ‘res
yen: , starrt even?
Ehe In ‘res
fee: werer, , com even?
Ghee: En basically- we just enter these sites in your " it will be battened
yen: I can enter only these sites or ether sites?
Ehe In The sites we ' want In block
Ehe In ‘res
fee: wwy. ael. even?
Ehe In ‘res
Ghee: All the sites we have listed in this that and all the sites we haven' t listed yet but wished to bleak
yen: ALL sites?
Ehe In YES, I have rape ammily explained that , : chor wilt block ALL sites that we went m block
vee: Then I have en anoner to the interest. Immy testjust step buting internets?
Ehe In I guess we didnt get what I meant. What I meant I. -.Ias- we butbut: eher will ONLY black the sites we wish In bledel
r Eh en: All ether sites we dent we In bledel will net he blocked by
Eh en: Yes
FEE: even?
Eh en: ‘res
Eh en: Yes
Eh en: will C) ,' tr black the sites we wish In bleak
fee: even?
Eh en: ‘rue have asked me that already
Uh. held net I net my list messed up,
fee: I didnt tress that nee eff.
Eh en: K
Eh en: okay
was I' m just going tn start ever he be sure.
Eh en: K
Ghee: Ail my answer will be was
vein: I haven' t even asked we vet thoigh,
Eh en: I kn aw
vein Se we dd we knew?
Ghent been use as d, the we wish to binder can be blocked by
fee: Arty websites?
Eh an ANY WEBSITES we WISH In bleak
tah en: TEE
fee: . raym even?
Gherd. YES
We fer ond take care!
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Submitted: 03/03/2010
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