Omegle Spy 2. Don't forget to check out the sponsor: This is taken from a chat log by the way, so there isn't a fancy bubble for the Question! I'll be posting m
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Omegle Spy 2

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This is taken from a chat log by the way, so there isn't a fancy bubble for the Question!
I'll be posting more later on

We' re new chatting with a Gareth: tatt stranger. Say hi!
Causation to discuss:
Youre in a row boat together, a shark is coming at you! What do you dnl'?
You: Karate chop that ************
You: Seriously
Stranger: Push the other me
You: **** sharks
Stranger: Sorry
You: you know what?
You: Just for that
Stranger: WHAT?
You: here' s what l' d do:
You: (d jump into the water
Stranger: What the
You: Have a comversation with the Shark
You: I' ll tell him my Row Boat partner is a murderous scumbag
You: and offer him the virginity of my first born child, in exchange for a temporary partnership
You: then get back up on the boat
You: and go "Hey man it' s , no sharks"
You: then BAM
You: A bear comes at you from the woods
You: Why a Bear you ask?
You: because **** you
Stranger: Hey hey, calm down new.
Stranger: 1 was only kidding
You: the Shark and Bear are friends
Stranger: We' re all friends here
You: Anyway, the Bear starts raping you with his bear dick
You: then the Shark leaps out of the water:
You: "Move aside Bear"
You: he calmly says
You: the bear steps back
You: meanwhile l' m pissing into my ewn mouth
You: the shark then proceeds to tear at your nipples
You: it hurts
Stranger: MY NIPPLES
You: yes
You: your NIPPLES
You: you clase your eyes
You: the end is near
Stranger: Seriously?
You: your final words are "Rosebud"
Stranger: Why have you messed up my life?
You: and you my off into the unknown.
Yau have
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Submitted: 08/06/2011
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