MLP Drinking Game Action Cards. If this seems to be getting positive thumbs, I'll upload the Instant cards. If it all goes negetive then I won't bother you with pony drinking game Cards action

MLP Drinking Game Action Cards

If this seems to be getting positive thumbs, I'll upload the Instant cards. If it all goes negetive then I won't bother you with any more ponies. Some of these cards (like the muffin mix) won't make any sense unless you've seen the others, so think about that.
I hope that even those who aren't down with the pony craze can at least appreciate a decent drinking game when they see one. For all the rules, check the 4chan drinking game elsewhere.

Hey guys
A while back I created a My Little Pony
Drinking Game based on the cards for the
ychan drinking game. I have played this a
few times with my friends, and the results
are incredible. Here are the action cards,
the standard ''
cards. If this post does well, I' ll upload the
other card types.
a Action ,
on speech on [
ml shoal Menuhin mi:
FTNA 7' i' iua [arania You
must drink. : be me
have or FTW snow‘.
Gilda is a moi Mich. and torus
you w drink hall oi wherever
beverage you , possess.
Point or someone and my
timm = mun drink.
Pour some cl your drink ink)
someone ems drink. They must
their drink.
C) Action
Snips and snails
Drink one for each male siding
hen lo you.
A heads means A limes the pain.
A people mun drink any amount
while you drink as much as all A
Fe) Action 1
confound These Ponies
drive me to drink. Dawn
your beverage.
All men mustering.
Fe) Action j
Draw a cutie mark on yo It
If you are one or w, (Italic Mark
c hers. w, group is
dis untied. You canine! become a
Curie Marl crusader again.
Ft:) Action
Roma' s Potion
hoards healing potion cures
our which ails you. Discard all
seal's' cards ' you
Drink Ill! ‘mum mm lime mix
has nor been made, when Mn!" T ,
and men drink In
e) Action n
These dogs are amassed ?
hiding treasure. choose one
Instant are = use discard
one and keep In
e) Action ,
Evil Enchantress Song
or my sing the Eval
who in a deep lam
voice and select one other person
m do the accompanying dance.
Action ,
The Element 01 Laughter
Tell everyone a hilarious is
no one laughs. you must drink. Ti
someone laughs. my must drink
Attempt In seduce another player
with the our Mar. lines you
can mink or. II = are nor
suitably seduced, you must drink.
Action n
Haters Gonna Hale
rake o 5 second Cano sunning on one
leg, who your on hand, Wm win eyes
closed and lap' your diner hand T,
mime rewind while III: ohm players
throw insults arm.
Make all other players lee] your
an mink as many limes as you
like (no: at all ii you really tml' I
wanna) and everyone else mus!
drink double mar amount
C) Action ,
The Wonderbolts
View ponies are known for "lair
yours by Handing up and inking
for 5 seconds while spin
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You are a genius and I will get my sister to **** you.
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