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User avatar #892 - arearea (08/04/2011) [-]
WAIt, it says the rom image size is too small, can anyone help me?
#896 to #892 - reddits (08/04/2011) [-]
clear your history and try again. Clearing your history will make sure your browser clears the caching of the errored file it received.
User avatar #907 to #896 - arearea (08/04/2011) [-]
i just tried that, the message doesnt appear but it still wont play, how do you turn the power on
#913 to #907 - reddits (08/04/2011) [-]
I hope you don't have dialup. It may take up to 30 seconds for it to boot.
User avatar #920 to #913 - arearea (08/04/2011) [-]
i might, im on my gpa's intronet and its old as **** but i cleared my history and it still says the rom stuff, i NEED THIS PLEASE HELP ME
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