Facebook Comp. Add me on facebook and funnyjunk Subscribe. June 14 lall tlel people this. Kenna: gin . E ail% JUNE: 14 at ' ll a girl We is tailed ''. New long
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June 14
lall tlel people this.
Kenna: gin .
E ail%
JUNE: 14 at '
ll a girl We is tailed ''.
New long til or my
til 2 people like this.
h' trt Sam 5. l..', I hope yew [lick enjoys its retirement!
55 minutes agc: n - WTI
twili I A I "
cwon' nei' - See
siar' t
i' . kajiit:" -5 wants lose: that **** . ' stare attire
David ' E
my 20: A mid who I was pointed ' skirt at an spider dangling pita
The dder ' to we ground a second
I stared at him and he stared at me. 1! rd, htr, of we said 'luigia! " linen TAN
slided at me.
I ran For my life.
til ‘foe, and itt Taalla like this.
arnd once again i lost my wallet!
Mo dernt be sad, all there was in it was an HEILI, Mil! anti
we cone in m he m 1955 that your parents .. used
at . Like ' in A' people
that ain' t genie].
lall I people like the
Wm its a 'busily vampire seconding in we !
Mt l‘ -ours ego ' we ' B' personn
Jason ,
if you have to be drunk ! high in enter to have " if with your
perhaps you should reconsider who your mantis“ are
Eric qll 'itll. If you have to criticize ether people and their
friends" to have fun. perhaps you should reconsider if you
have any . Mid
El '. -motes ago - Like
Mts" RMB about see. every T secondes. which is why I eat i' batdogs in under
k" secoundly. -- Se it doesn' t get weird.
11 2! pen: npoe like this.
Tyler L
it takes a white to grow anything-
Anthony _ like what. i: -ails? iol
amours age: - Iqke " I person
Tyler '.i
El hours ago - lake
That... and We some your dicks still taking its time
Anthony tr.
lei If
hours ago - Unlike " y people
o ?, your more has been helping motivator ll.
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Submitted: 08/01/2011
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User avatar #3 - phoneman (08/02/2011) [-]
A girl bra? So not the kind OP uses I assume
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