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Human Body Facts [Explained]

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The pressure will cause the blood vessels and
tissues in the feet to swell up to accommodate
much blood " possible. Ag blood collects, it
will fill up to the torso and the blood will
attempt to to a lower position one to
gravity, which is the penis tthe legs are full by
now}. The blood causes the penis, consisting
of erectile tissue, to fill with blood and
ily' YOUR Mam "
Apart from having it burnt, human
hair decays at such a slow rate that it is
almost impossible to get rid of. Do you
remember those documentaries about
Egypt, the pyramids and Mummies on
Discovery Channel? Well the mummies
are left with no flesh, practically
nothing but bones and yes- hair. It
might look fragile but hair cannot be
destroyed by cold, change of climate,
water, or other natural forces and it is
resistant to many kinds of acids and
corrosive chemicals."
3 - You can SURVIVE
Whatit, H, Fons an NM
You need sleep as much as you
need food. Many people neglect the
importance of having enough sleep
without knowing that humans can
actually survive longer without food
than without sleep. With water alone,
an average person could survive a
month to two without food (that also
varies from an individual' s body fat
and other factors)."
HERE "ill GO.
ilt Mist
Hops YDU snow.
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That hair one is weird, but cool, well done :)
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omgfacts bro.
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User avatar #3 - cypruswebcraze (08/01/2011) [-]
What if someone dies with their head hanging down ??? does it mean his toung will stay stiff
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