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The plot of this television show centers around a young boy – I can’t remember his name, but it begins with an A – in his journey to travel the world and master the elements.
Mastering these elements usually involves a fight of some sort with a master of their respective styles. The boy is not alone in his journey, however. He is joined by a girl who specializes in the element of water and a youth who, while putting on a show of being mature, tends to easily fall for women, along with his fuzzy companions. Their journey is not without challengers, however. As the group travels they often find themselves in the middle of a city’s conflict, and need to find a peaceful resolution to their problem before continuing on their way.
In addition to that, there is an organization which is constantly attempting to capture them, that also has plans for conquering the entire world. To conquer the challenges ahead of him, the boy must learn valuable lessons of trust and friendship, and can always depend on his friends to help him if he is in need.

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Dude, you just blew my mind.
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well ****
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O_O you sir just blew the **** out of my mind