Man of Real Genius. Leave a comment give it a rating, what ever pleases you I just don't want to have this go unforgotten.<br /> Men of Real Genius budlight win enjoy
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Man of Real Genius

Leave a comment give it a rating, what ever pleases you I just don't want to have this go unforgotten.<br /> <br />
sauce has been founded

a. Ffunnyjunk presents. real men Eugenius
Today we salute "mu Mr. ofthe ) Piousness
Mr. circler ofthe ooit) )
Because with out "mu I most likely westie never notice things like a guy sitting en a chair in an interesting way
So Harare tee seele)
Because with butyou how weild we find a skyscraper in a city?
So hurtigt}
Some weild be baffled by the events going en in daily life
waste }
So crack epin yew sunlight. Wu earned it
Iitt my girlfriend just fell in Iers with you! and i dent blame her! **** "mu rock!
I At **** . yeti rock? I hope thats whatyou meant to say...
g It,. #154 -doucheonmandick y . -52
iii‘: You, sir. are correct. Please excuse my bad grammar. I still sew dawn to yew epicness. You are new god, congratulations.
155 - Panda Pimp .r
3 And Sadly new no one will be able to see this any-" mere since it ism in the Top Comments thing.. Glh well, It was good while it lasted.
lili. itt'', screen cap it. itwould go to the front page in 5 seconds flat!
142 -Drbob .
read it in the Voice ofthe commercial
135 -freshzac .
Epicwin myfriend
yeti deserve and mere
135 -meltedtime
indeed acrylic. indeed
Jesus ******* christ the pure awesomeness ofthis comment made me ii:
133 -teabagginmonkey, 2'.
i cant leek I' m net worthy
hmm i agree
125 -Machgaming
destrey ) LI guys happiness but... nah what the hell be happy.
125 -Disastrous
ii') he ens to repeat this, there can be no fail ofthis epicwin... ever
epicwin, dues l)
If 1
captcha: naive "
141 - Pedobearbait
Dammit! who let Ramirez out ethis cage!!!
NC) idea whatyou just said stints still.. see .. epic l)
It is a speemen the "Real Men Of Genius" that title light did to "haner" people of certain occupations
r #54 - Scrackkn
l to be dead honest with "mu i still have completely no idea but thanks torturing and thanks forthe add my lei
It .1; Buzzlight is a Americans have. They had these commercials where they would sing and "haner" seine certain job. ‘ "Real
Men ' and watch ) me.
F; #51 -Tigerwoods g.
Q‘ holy **** ! listen to these commercials all the time during steeler games
E Tigerwoods? So Wu finally cemo out ofthe bedroom, eh?
lei. Sorry. I couldnt help it.
Hg: are -Tigerwoods .:-
its _ #125! -Acidicsam
by.. Gir. Tiger, yeti ripped me " I bought a video called "Tiger' s Many Holes" expecting to learn heite golf, but it was a documentary and yew
wife. What a rip...
It oh , well aussie SC) that westie es why! dent get itsjust thought it was epic ces i read it in a singing Voice in my head
euu.' are -Vayck
id Bud is great 'n all and I' ma let mu finish, sud say South Africa has better beer. WAY SEWER BEER.
Got my thumes. stw.
avatar be upside down?
we -Nickknackk
lei captcha: blown... like iwas earlier hehehe
MSI!!.' was -Nickknackk
We uhh. no euer... talking () outward... u ******* tare
31 -Panda Pimp "N
1: Since when did hands have mouths?
cheer. taday however, we, the ppl , salute yeti Panda Pimp, SC) crack epin a nice cold sunlight oh C) of the C) bvious, fer only cool
Vitus... is Wu
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#103 - ontheyslay **User deleted account** (03/03/2010) [+] (41 replies)
Wow, that was ******* dumb.
#104 to #103 - Panda Pimp **User deleted account** (03/03/2010) [-]
...this is funnyjunk, you know that right?
#92 - anonymous (03/03/2010) [+] (6 replies)
(Reeeeaaaal Men of Genius) Today we salute you Mr. ip blocking faggot (Mr. ip blocking faaaagot) Because without you trolls everywhere would not be able to troll (Soooooo many trolls)
Because without you epic wins could be kept epic without douches like me chiming in. (Gotta keep the win epiiiiiccc) Without you the internet would be boring and cyclical. (Keepin anon down one block at a time)
So crack open your sister's pussy mr. ip blocking faggot, you've earned it
#93 to #92 - Panda Pimp **User deleted account** (03/03/2010) [-]
Does some one need a hug?
User avatar #1 - doucheonmandick (03/02/2010) [+] (1 reply)
Yes, yes you are a real man of genius...enjoy it XD
#2 to #1 - Panda Pimp **User deleted account** (03/02/2010) [-]
User avatar #77 - cmm (03/03/2010) [+] (7 replies)
you sir, are a GOD! *dramatic music plays*
#78 to #77 - Panda Pimp **User deleted account** (03/03/2010) [-]
*out of the smog and fire speeds out the Pimp Mobile*
#54 - anonymous (03/03/2010) [+] (24 replies)
(Reeeeaaaal Men of Genius) Today we salute you Mr. African American bike stealer (Mr. African American bicycle steeeeaaaler) Because without you bikes would be laying in front of houses everywhere (Soooooo many bikes)
Because without you little white kids would grow up to trust people of your race. (Keepin your people down one bike at a time) Without you bike lock companies everywhere would be bankrupt. (Promotin the economy)
So crack open a 40 Mr. African American bike stealer, you've earned it
#55 to #54 - Panda Pimp **User deleted account** (03/03/2010) [-]
... You just made my win less epic with your fail
User avatar #15 - landonGUNGUY (03/02/2010) [-]
YAAAAAY im in my first picture!
User avatar #8 - BathTime (03/02/2010) [-]
**BathTime rolls 697,020,844** if this rolls some epic number u are not "man of genius"
User avatar #7 - THETurdFerguson (03/02/2010) [+] (10 replies)
**THETurdFerguson rolls 351,934,414** even tho the guy is shooting messages at everyone to get his thumbs up on this, ill give it to him anyway because he deserves it... not a bud light but a thumbs up....
User avatar #3 - CaptainCapone (03/02/2010) [-]
you my good sir earned a bud light and 2 internetz
User avatar #89 - TheMask (03/03/2010) [-]
funny dude lol.

but in all seriousness, and no offence at all to you, try and refrain from posting your own epic comments.

just saying
User avatar #6 - DrBob (03/02/2010) [-]
Awesome you deserve the praise
User avatar #4 - TigerWoods (03/02/2010) [-]
lol i remember that
User avatar #22 - Acrylic (03/03/2010) [+] (1 reply)
This comment was straight godly.
User avatar #21 - Scrackkn (03/03/2010) [-]
LULZ i just relised my milk carton was dancing in all diffrent postions on every comment :D
User avatar #10 - Scrackkn (03/02/2010) [-]
i see me, all the way down the bottom when i was some of the first comments.. strange
EPIC SCREEN CAP you derserves the thumbs up XD
User avatar #130 - RedRobin (03/03/2010) [+] (1 reply)
Buttmeister Presents Real men of genius! (Real men of genius!)
Your keen instincts tell you to cut, slice, and chop every man you see. But enough about your career as a hairstylist. Let's talk war.
(Oow! The curling iron is hot!)
#131 to #130 - Panda Pimp **User deleted account** (03/03/2010) [-]
This made my brain lose 10 IQ points, please make it stop
User avatar #31 - hoodyninja (03/03/2010) [-]
i think i saw a blue waffle in there
*roll 9*
User avatar #30 - DrHannibalLecter (03/03/2010) [-]
**DrHannibalLecter rolls 858,601,166** awesome.
User avatar #24 - quackaduck (03/03/2010) [-]
its not at the front page
or is it?
#20 - Vayck **User deleted account** (03/03/2010) [-]
Hey check this out, I'm in a funny
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