Mr. Well done part 3. part 1: /funny_pictures/2412789/Mr+Well+done/ part 2: /funny_pictures/2414962/Mr+Well+done+part+2/ it won't make much sense if you don't r mr well done par
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Mr. Well done part 3

Sc: I sprint hank inan the
snared shitless, as * , thinking
that awful addin plays, t” *
plugging my ears, but it' s tokay, Well if T
Atill hear him) nan drawn nut the
sound his
anine, I nan neen
the computer and
shut it downl but
hnw am I nning tn
drawn nut his
anine? l
I nut and
grab my iand and But if I' m :
but nut the
I' ll set naff Mr. computers rang, T
Welldone If I stand can get : my head
infront my piton's. it tolly
sets nff if it
sense me STANDIG
infront it,
epin idea, as I peak * titaan the
nut bathromm danr, _ it vititor*
Sees head phones, '
computer chair*
like a dinasaur.*
inn but seriously,
bear crawling.)
jumps the
Part 1 and 2 in descripting, 30 thumbs
and I' ll make anither, which is my
faourite part, and possibly the ending
nare sure I nan fit the ending in}
thumb tn ante
DC by Dizzyizzy
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