Harry Potter Facts the Final Part. Yea that got a bit long. was going to be 19 facts for the 19 years that passed but I seemed to of skipped a number.. whoops T harry potter facts final Part nine
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Harry Potter Facts the Final Part

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Harry Potter Facts the Final Part. Yea that got a bit long. was going to be 19 facts for the 19 years that passed but I seemed to of skipped a number.. whoops T

Yea that got a bit long. was going to be 19 facts for the 19 years that passed but I seemed to of skipped a number.. whoops
Thank you to everybody who has been reading these, I hope they've been of great enjoyment so far, and thank you for the thank yous and for those who have kept most of the trolls away. I know I've kept the magic going for a lot of people, and making these comps was probably one of the highlights to my summer hahaa.
These were as fun to make as it was to find the facts.
Again, thank you for everything FJ, this has been awesome . If you want more facts, Google, I'm sure, is a good place to start, and you might find other facts.
In the words of JKR, "Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home"
/funny_pictures/2403 904/Harry+Potter+Facts+Part+5/
funnyjunk .com/funnypictures/2399572/Harry+Potter +Facts+Part+4/
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f unnyjunk.com/funny_pictures/2394914/Harr y+Potter+Facts+Part+2/
/fun ny

Halt)’ Puller Facts
l. Mos Mcgonagall is listed on one
of the Quidditch trope/ s in the
movies. It has never been confirmed
whether it was Minerva Mcgonagall
or someone related to her, but it
would explain her Quidditch
2. While filming Poa, Tom Felton‘ s
Hogwarts Robes had their pockets
sewn because he kept trying to sneak
food onto the set.
3. Dumbledore’ s wand was a very
elaborate design, even though its
significance of being the Elder Wand
was far from being known when
4. Harry, Ron, and Hermione unite the
three Ollivander wand cores, Unicorn
hair, phoenix feather, and dragon
war r
5. Lupin's death was predicted
through Trelawney who said when
13 people gather, the first to leave
will die. The 13 survivers drank to
Moody, and Lupin left first to search
for his body.
6. Peeves was never human and is
He has lived at
Hogwarts since 993.
7. Dumbledore defeated
Grindelwald the same year Hitler was
defeated (1945). Grindelwald is
considered the wizard version of
Hitler. Many people find equals
between World War II and the
Voldemort side of the Harry Potter
8. Mcgonagall survived the 1942
opening of the Chamber of Secrets
because of her status. She
was in the same year as Tom Riddle.
9. Neither "Kathleen" nor the initial 'K"
are a part of JCR' s legal name
40 versions of Salazar Slytherin‘ s
locket had to be created to
accommodate Ron and Harry' s failed
attempts to destroy it.
ll. In the wizarding world, there are
29 bronze knuts to a silver sickle and
17 sickles to a gold galleon. In
muggle money a galleon is worth
about 25. But exchange rates can
124 One of the flying cars for Chamber
of Secrets was stolen off the set.
134 JKR slightly based Hermione at it
on herself at the same age. She
gave Hermione her favorite color
lilac) and her favorite animal as her
patronus (an otter). Pansy Parkinson
was based off the girls who teased
her at school.
It is possible for a Housefuls to live
around 200 years. They breed only
with their masters permission.
M. Many publishers rejected the first
Harry Potter saying it was too long and
literary, but was later published in 1996.
174 Around 1000 students attend
Hogwarts each year.
W. JKR said if she does make an tth
Harry Potter book, it would be an
encyclopedia of the wizarding world
and what was left out of the book.
W. Dumbledore was in fact gay and
did have a crush on his friend/ enemy
These facts have been much fun,
but this is the end. description} .l
is to those who keep messaging and commenting that I' m
stealing These from some an ' we
legit nee been onload / paro/ eit but all These
and l repeal EVERYWHERE on the
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1. Instill fear in the general populace
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