Harry Potter Facts Part 8. funnyjunk.com/funny_pictures/2418610/Harry+Potter+Facts+the+Final+Part/ If you don't like it, thumb down or move on, my cup of care i
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Harry Potter Facts Part 8

If you don't like it, thumb down or move on, my cup of care is just oh so full.
Like I said, I was going to finish this little comp off at 7, but I still had facts left over and people were still asking for more. The one posted after this will have the most amount of facts, regardless of the number of thumbs.
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Halt)’ Puller Facts
PART 8 -itzditto
l. Harry' s scar hurts when he first sees
Shape because Shape was
positioned behind the turban; Harry
had to look past Voldemorts
covered face to see Snape.
2. Wands are selected in a size
proportional to the witch or wizards
height. Hagrid: 16 inches Voldemort:
13 inches Umbridge: Very short
3. Dean Thomas' original name was
Gary in the first drafts, but changed
to Dean before
Sorcerer/ Philosophers Stone was
4. To remove the tail that Hagrid gave
Dudley in the hut on the rock, the
Dursleys went to a private hospital
where the staff was very discreet, and
said that a wart had gone out of
5. For Hagrid, keeping dangerous
creatures is all about overcoming
something that could kill him, but no
matter how hard he tries, it is literally
impossible to domesticate a dragon.
6. Many people had trouble
pronoucing Hermiones name, which
led to KR having her sound it out for
Viktor Crum.
7. Dean Thomas' s father was killed by
Death Eaters when he refused to join
them. Neither Dean nor his mother
know, they believed he just walked
out on the family. They werent even
aware he was a wizard, which is why
he says in the first book (I think it was)
that he was a .
Extras idem to Robotsox):
During the scene where the horcrux
version of Harry and Hermione were
kissing, Rupert Grim was sent off the set
as he was laughing too much.
Alan Rickman was the only actor to
know his characters fate before the
release of the Deathy Hallows Book.
Rowling told him.
However you choose to thumb,
there will be one final part
1' following this with more than _
lust 7 facts. z) k T
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Hagrid. 16 Inches.
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Here you guys go. :)
Here you guys go. :)
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