Back In My Day Part 2. Warning Nostalgia. Part 1 Thank you all For everything Dont forget to subscribe, fav nostalgia
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Back In My Day Part 2. Warning Nostalgia

Part 1
Thank you all
For everything
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Tags: nostalgia
Back In My Day: Part Duex
by thescatteredsun
Now it' s been said
a lot, but back in
my day, the
original Power
Rangers rocked my
world. And that
includes the toys.
w Oh God the toys.
Dedz to Giovone
Another one that has been
said, but back in my day, we "
used to may with these. ALL
the time. What I used to do is
plan these very strategic
manuevers and then just nuke
the **** out of them. My mom
would step on one, ground me,
and send me to my room.
Obvious to say I spent a lot of
my chidhood in my room.
Dedz to ocelot
Back in my day, even though
Iwas a boy, I had thousands
of Beanie Babies. They were
so soft and cuddly, I couldn' t
eh) myself. At one time I
wed them so much, I even
owned the Beanie Baby
a trading cards.
C' Dedz to arsfor
p. s. sorry I didn' t get
k' your permission, but I loved
eenie Babies too much to
leave it out. Thanks for
reminding me of these
Back in my day, I
would awake from a
deep slumber and piss
in the middle of my
floor, because L I was
lazy and 2: I was too
tired to walk 20 steps
to the bathroom across
the hall. When my K'
parents found it, I
blamed it on the cat.
I' m so sorry Simba
Dedz to honeybiscuit
Back in my day,
Japan ruled my
world. If they told
me to bomb the
Harbor, I wouldn' t
give it a second
Back in my day, I
used to call my
penis Woody,
mroblivious to the
fact that getting an
erection is called
getting wood since
I was only 5 years
old. I Just
loved Toy Story
that ******* much
to name my penis
after one of the
main characters.
Back in my day,
when I went to a
movie (Spykids,
Monsters Inc, etc.) I
always pretended I
was the main
character in the
movie and I then
made my own
Back in my day, I
used to spill my
drawings on this
number. My
favorite things to
draw on it were
airplanes, cats,
and houses.
Back in my day,
I learned all my
morales, lessons
and everything I
know about pop
culture from
South Park
Back in my day, my
fake Batman abs on my
costume made me one tough
And of Course...
We all did this.
I Cooties. We ran
cane's away from each
I l . other on the
playground and
constantly needed
Cootie Shots. But of
course back then,
Cooties was the new
Funny Junk
Thumb either way
kind of starting to run out of ideas, so if
you have somthing unusual you did as a
kid, post it and I' ll give you dedz.
And to every comment this gets, even if
you call me a cockless twit, I' ll thumb you
Just because I appreciate all the thumbs
I' gotten over the past 24 hours
So Thank You.
Thank You Very Much
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#1 - joshuasmith (07/28/2011) [-]
When I was a kid it would take me about a half hour to eat a fruit by the foot because I wanted to make it last longer :)
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