THE OFFICIAL GAME OF PERFECTION PART ONE. I know this one is a little weak...thumb me though and you'll get a PT. 2 whic will be MUCH BETTER. This is a sequel t
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I know this one is a little weak...thumb me though and you'll get a PT. 2 whic will be MUCH BETTER. This is a sequel to, the official game of awesome, the official game of cool, the official game sweetness, and the official game of Superb

1. Ten Push Mowers
2. Ten Small Puppies
3. Something to clean up dead puppies.
First, collect nine other people. These will be the players. Each person will be on their own wil ND
team members. Dace everyone is collected, give them all a push mower, you may give them two days to modify
them in any way that could possibly make it more deadly and impractical then it already is. (For example, my
buddy Aaron put a gatling gun on the top. Don' t ask me where he got it, that asshole is crazy, you never ****
with Aaron.) You then give everyone a puppy on a leash and tie the leash to each person' s belt. The object of
the game is to run over every other team member' s puppy without getting your puppy run over. Cruel? Maybe.
Fun? HELL YES! After the game is over, most ofthose hippies all about "Animal Rights" and "Caring for your
environment" will tell on you to the POPD, who, in turn, will arrest your ass. In jail you will be
lonely, and will have to pay off that one guy with cigarettes so he won' t rape you. That' s another thing, why
cigarettes? You decided that cigs would be used for money? What ifyou don' t smoke? Dammit, Shawshank
Redemption, you raise to many questions. So eventually you' ll run out of cigarettes and you' ll get your human
booster shot, hell, maybe you' ll be killed. I don' t know, Ijust write **** . Ch no, as I' m writing this the police are
knocking on my door....
What do you want'?!?'
We want to speak with you for a second .''
No ******* way any coppers gonna pin mel I can' t go to jail man! Not again!"
We' re not arresting you, we just want to talk-"
i then hop out the window and run about ten feet before I get shot with a taber by chuck norris.
Holy **** ! Ijust got tabed by Chuck norris!"
Tm not chuck norris."
But you have a beard?"
ffyou have a beard then you' re chuck norris."
What kind of logic is that?"
Have you been smoking anything sir"?"
Have you been taking any drugs?"
Let' s say hypothetically that I HAD some pills, and let' s say that I HAD accidently pissed
on a police officer this morning, would I go to jail?"
Hypothetically, yes."
then I didn' t do that."
But you did, and we caught you on surveillance."
Bah! Who can trust those things?"
Tm just confused about one thing... why' d you kiss the police officer after you urinated
on him?"
I did what?"
You kissed him."
I like baseball, do you like baseball?"
Answer the question."
What question?"
Why did you-"
Hockey is better than baseball, though. It seems like all baseball players are fat these
You' re sick."
No I' m not, I mean I had the flu a few weeks ago...''
No, I mean YDU SICKEN ME."
Well you shouldn' t pick up someone elses used tissues..."
Are you enjoying this?"
Would It be bad ifl was?"
Then no."
Why are you crossing your fingers?"
I then continue to bite off his nose and make it another five steps before I get tabed again.
This time by Jackie Chan.
Holy crap I was tabed by Jackie Chan!"
This goes on for another ten minutes.... so if you want a part TWC) I need fifteen THUMBS
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Submitted: 07/28/2011
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