Zombie Apocalypse pt. II. The sequel to an autobiography of my family and I during the zombie apocalypse. This is OC and consists of work and ideas that came en Zombie apocalypse OC tags being used correctly The Game
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Zombie Apocalypse pt. II

Zombie Apocalypse pt. II. The sequel to an autobiography of my family and I during the zombie apocalypse. This is OC and consists of work and ideas that came en

The sequel to an autobiography of my family and I during the zombie apocalypse. This is OC and consists of work and ideas that came entirely from me. There are no deds in this comic.
EDIT: Also, pick an answer for the ending. A, B, C, or D
Part 1

Zombie Apocalypse Autobiography
Pt. II
It was nice enough to finally get some sleep that night.
Up on the safety of the roof. It' s been a
week today since I saw the last thing that reminded me
of humanity. Through a crack in the screen I could hardly
make out the time on my cell phone, maybe 5: 30 am. It' s
all we had to go by. Since it was so early in the morning I
was counting on the sun lying east on the horizon. We
decided to make our way over to the nearest Walmart,
but there was only one problem; it' s three miles west of
the . There was no time' to lose, we had to
go now so the zombies wouldn' t be able to follow us.
The zombies cannot follow us because it' s too cold:.
Since our car was no more, we started walking. My
grandma was deluged by the hungry crowd of zombies
last night. I was sad: but in a zombie apocalypse you
need to not let your emotions overpower you. Zombies
don' t have emotions, so neither should you. After 45
minutes we had trekked there 3/ 4 of the way, we took
the quickest way and walked the freeway (Don' t worry
there won' t be cars driving in the apocalypse). The
Walmart was now in sight and the air reeked of blood.
The biome was warming up as my grandfather proposed
we equip ourselves with weapons. My grandpa, being
the only one with actual military experience took the
ARUIS. I, the only other one who had experience
shooting guns took the .22 and a fire extinguisher we
found at the . My step dad, who is a beast
because of his raw power and muscle mass took the
chainsaw. And as for my mom, it was determined she
would have the as an emergency weapon but if
everything went as planned then she' d primarily
just be there for offering moral support. We were to
save the hoe (pointy gardening implement) and the
blowtorch for a rainy day.
We were 5 minutes from the Walmart before we
passed by a gas station. I insisted we go in and raid
it as gas stations often have
such as , soda, chips, and pop tarts as well as
other useful tools like beer (I suggested we take the
bottles), lighters, Vaselines, and towels from the gas
pumps. After that quick stop we back on the road and
making great time. We' d be at the Walmart set up before
9 o' clock.
As we arrived at the Walmart we were quite surprised.
There was less food than we thought there would be, and
it was a ghost town in there. I was out of ideas at this
point. The only thing I could come up with now is to stick
to the original plan which I had composed before we left.
Step one is to barricade the doors with bikes, shopping
carts, and those big refrigerator things from the grocery
section. That would be my step dads task for the day. My
mom was to gather the food and prepare something that
we could eat in a pinch. My grandfather set off to find the guns
Yes, they do have guns at Walmart) since he knew most about
them than the rest of us. I didn' t really have a job seeing as howl
come up with a lot of the plans so I decided to take the towels,
bottles, and gasoline to make
A) Molotov Cocktails
B) Bottles that could be thrown at/ smashed on zombies
C) Delicious and nutritious bottles of gasoline for when we get
D) A part 3
Feel free to add on, constructively criticize, or troll in the
comments section. Don' t forget to thumb.
Any good zombie apocalypse stories/ ideas will be
incorporated into part III or IV and you will receive deds. You
can even use my story and put yourself in there somewhere so
you and I can fight the horde as fellow citizens of Funnyjunk.
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User avatar #2 - zerowinz (07/27/2011) [+] (3 replies)
A, amd make more
#6 - ianmoone (07/27/2011) [-]
thumb for zombies.
thumb for zombies.
#1 - benvolio (07/27/2011) [+] (19 replies)
Use a sledgehammer! Bladed weapons would get stuck in their skull, but a sledgehammer would just obliterate their brains!
User avatar #24 to #17 - areyounotamused (07/28/2011) [-]
Well, not to **** in your logic, but not everyone lives in an urban area, and the first thing one should do is escape the urban area, less places for grey matter eaters to hid around corners.
#8 - creonman ONLINE (07/27/2011) [+] (10 replies)
A: make a few

meet another group of survivors......roll ##
0: make your own
1-10:willing to help but that's it
11-20: defensive and not helpful
21-30: wants to join the group
31-40: better equipped then your group
41-50: wants to steal any thing you have
51-60: trys to kill you on sight
61-70: looks helpful and likes to join you...but one of them is bitten
71-80: worse equipped then you
81-90: the other group has someone with skills..(ea. Doc, Cop)
91-99: most are bitten and/or injured..
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