Funny/Cool Tattoos [Pt. 1]. Here is Part 2:<br /> /funny_pictures/242726/Funny+Cool+Tattoos+Pt+2/<br /> And part 3:<br /> /funny_pictures/2441 tattoos cool ink Megan Fox
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Funny/Cool Tattoos [Pt. 1]

moi] tattoos and , to share
them with mu guys
I' ll start off with this one. Really cool tattoo,
exposing her "Heart". Yes I know she isn' t wearing
a shirt.
This one is just plain retarded, this guy has a math
equation put on his knuckles.
Here is a funny one. Gives true meaning to the
expression, "l have eyes on the back of my head".
Really badass tattoo. Covers his entire back and
has a bunch of aliens ripping apart a human in the
Woohoo, it' s Megan Fox! Kind of retarded though it
says, "We will all laugh at gilded butterflies" I'
been told it' s a bastardization of a Shakespeare
quote... WTF?
This is another really cool one of a woman with
Angel Wings" ink’ d onto her back- awesome.
Truly badass tattoo. Some people are just into their
comics too muc
I' m pretty sure the girl in this picture is intoxicated
but it' s a really cool tattoo.
I thought I would end this thread with 'Puts
sunglasses on‘ a bang! Yea not funny... But this
tattoo is, I wonder if they would freak out at the
airport if he took his shirt off?
Thanks everyone who looked at these!!! I
will most likely be coming out with a
Funny/ Cool Tattoos 2" tomorrow so stay
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