A post for a friend.. A good man died. Thought I might pay him tribute through a post.. Baldr Teh Faer F Robby ll Bilall Do you possibly have a very thin, long
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A post for a friend.

A good man died. Thought I might pay him tribute through a post.

Baldr Teh Faer F Robby
ll Bilall Do you possibly have a very thin, long triwing screwdriver?
7 o*. Er: -ales .E..;: I- Like Comment See Friendship
milenia Ker It is a great possibility. I found a collection of
maybe 13 Screwdrivers in my basement the other day
16 minutes ago , Like
Balm- Faer How about a handsaw or a small i: robber?
15 minutes ago . Like
Hank yhet' Another possibility!
14 minutes ago . Like
Balm - Faer Good, good, the plans are sharpening, growing
clearer each passing day, Soon...
12 minutes ago f Like
mum nera feel as though you are going to murder me in
my own basement! Don' t worry, there are tons of places to hide my
11 minutes ago . Like
I. Baum- FEET No, no, not TOJ, Lord knows I can' t lift a body by
myself. I have the arms of Leper Gumby.
10 minutes ago , Like
I Hank mar I' ll lift my body then!
6 minutes ago . Like
f Balm - Fain It' s like Ghandi said: Tuck bitches, get money,'
5 minutes ago . Like
Balm -Her Wait. ..
5 minutes ago I Like
I - Netral ' No, that actually was Ghandi
4 minutes ago . Like
Balm 'll!.!,,? er Just looked it up, it was Ghandi. Wouldn' t want to
misquote ,
4 minutes ago I Like
Shela asked net be
included. Shela also a where
I 'Mite a comment,,,
The "Baldr" guy above died two weeks ago.
When he told me he was going to die, he gave
me the usernames and passwords of all his
accounts on Facebook and otherwise. m said
When I die, my trolling must live on for the
Inn of the many. I entrust you with this
responsibility. Do not squander it."
I loved this mam m was a genius in all aspects
of the word. I' m posting this( and possibly more
of his escapades) in honor of him. Thumbs let
me know you guys care, but I couldn' t really
care less. I' m doing this for him, not you.
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Submitted: 07/26/2011
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User avatar #1 - hanniballecture (07/26/2011) [+] (2 replies)
Im interested in hearing more about this whore. Tits?
#2 to #1 - theonionyrogue (07/26/2011) [-]
Sadly, I do not have tits, for a simple reason:
<----my face when I saw them.
She's a fugly little cretin.
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