Facts about the U.K. 2. facts about the U.K. 2. Hello funnjunk, as the first one did quite well I thought I' d do another, but this time please lets not argue a England facts uk scotland ireland northern ireland
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Facts about the U.K. 2

Hello funnjunk, as the first one did quite well I thought I' d
do another, but this time please lets not argue about
Northern Ireland, thats the last I' m saying on it.
Our flag: Most people call this The Union Jack, THIS IS
WRONG!! it' s the Union Flag, The Union Jack is when the
same flag is flown on a British Naval war ship. The flag is
made up of the crosses of St. George, representing
England, St. Andrew, representing Scotland and St.
Patrick representing Northern Ireland. You might be
wondering why Wales isn' t represented but it is! under the
flag of England and Wales technically is a part England
as the English "conquered" the Welsh.
Our flag also has a right way up becuase of the way St.
Patrick' s cross is this is wrong:
Its upside down.
Food: people think that in the UK. has awfull food, but that
only half true, we have got some pretty disgusting dishes
like Jellied Eels these are are f* cking horrible, they' re a
cockney dish (East London) and yes they are horrible. But
we do have nice food, like a traditional Sunday Roast, this
is lovely and alot of people eat it every Sunday this consists
of roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings etc. and roast meat
of some sort, pork, beet, chicken or whatever. But we do
have some of the very best chefs in the world with some of
the greatest restaurants in the world. Many people also
think the food we eat is disgusting but it actually isn' t, like
haggis, this is actually nice! and I' m not even Scottish.
In my opinion the best dish in the U. K. is the Full English,
it' s amazing, bacon, fried eggs, baked beans, toast/ fried
bread, fried mushrooms, cooked tomatoes etc. it' s
amazing if you' never had one, you NEED to try itll
We aren' t the healthiest eaters in the world...
Accents: There are many, many different accents across
the UK. most of these depend on where you' re from, I
don' t really know why different people have different
accents but there are a wide variety, most people know the
Scouse accent from Liverpool (Scousers have a bad
reputation tor being thieves) the cockney accent from east
London, with it' s rhyming slang, this comes from when
criminals would use the slang so that police and grasses
wouldn' t know what they were on about e. g. apple n pears
stairs, trouble and strife = wife, you see how it works
Again these have a bad reputation for being thieves and
murderers). There are too many accents to list but these
change for every major city and every region, and yes even
we struggle to understand each other sometimes, i can' t
understand Glaswegians at all. There are also many
different languages in The UK. and these include, Cornish,
Welsh, Gaelic, Ulster Scottish, Scottish, Irish and obviously
English, many of these arent spoken often and aren' t really
taught in schools in the regions they' re spoken and I think
they should be.
Alcohol: The UK. has a great history with alcohol, most
Americans will know about the Irish and alcohol but the
entire British Isles are big drinkers, it started many years
ago when water wasn' t safe to drink so they used to drink
Ale instead. (It' s a myth that we drink warm beer, we don' t
that stupid although some Ales are kept warmer, but not
warm they' requst not ice cold).
We are some of the biggest drinkers in Europe and seeing
as we have are large population of people that don' t drink
alcohol from other parts of the world this is means we
drink quite alot. Many teenagers drink in the UK. illegally
from the age of about 13, although this isn' t good and I' m
not saying it is itjust shows how we young we start
drinking alcohol. (You have to be 18 tor the most part to
drink alcohol in the UK. however you can drink ciders,
perrys and ales with a meal if you' re with an adult, oh and
you can drink from the age of 5 in your own home.) Most
lagers and beers in the UK. are stronger than American
drinks and we mostly drink European alcohol than
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