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Everyone knows the moon is big. 3476 KM diameter big. Still, the moon is smaller than Mercury, which is smaller than Mars, which is smaller than Venus which is smaller than Earth. And the Earth < Neptune < Uranus < Saturn < Jupiter < The Sun. Over a million Earths could fit into the sun. That's over one sextillion (or a million million billion) of you. But the Sun isn't that big of a star. The Sun is still smaller than sirus Sirus. And Sirus < Pollux < Arcturus < Aldebaran < Rigel < Antares < Betelgeuse < Mu Cephei < VY Canis Majoris (those are all stars). VY Canis Majoris is the biggest star we've discovered. It has ~2000 times the Sun's radius. If it was where our sun is, it's outer edge would be past Saturn. That said, stars are not the biggest thing in space. The BIGGEST thing in space would be a Lyman-alpha blob, basically a huge blob of gas. And when I say "huge", I mean that they literally consume galaxies. They can only be seen in certain light frequencies, but can be over 400 million light-years across.

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Close enough.
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tldr: i couldn't think of anywhere else to put this.
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I will one day use what you just write in a report, thank you.