GOOD OLD SUNNY SOUTH AFRICA. this is what happens when your white in south africa!!<br /> This was in a local news paper. This Ad Has Placed in the Person
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this is what happens when your white in south africa!!<br />
This was in a local news paper

This Ad Has Placed in the Personal columns a daily newspaper in
Te the qell dressed black dude lithe Tried tn Mug Me en Durban Beachhead
three nights age
I Mas the guy Bearing the black denim jacket that yeu demanded that I
hand ever alang Aith my ballet, shorter after yeu pulled the knife en my
girlfriend E I, threatening eur Wes.
Ttwtt also asked fer my girlfriend' s purse, rings and earrings he
I can anly hape that yeu come across this rather important
First, Pd like tn apolagize fer year embarrassment men I me! my
pistol after yeu teek my jacket. The evening Mas net that cold, and I
Mas Bearing the jacket fer a reason.
lily girlfriend had just baught me that meek pistol fer Imam and um had
picked up a nu! 'fast mar shellder holster fer it that very evening.
I] bviously yeu agree that it is a very intimidating Eeipen men pointed
at year head casn' t it, especially men I blasted that ene and anly shet
right past year right ear and eut tn sea?
I KIWI it prabably casn' t fun back tn Wherever yeu' d come hem
bare meted Aith year ear bleeding and ringing like a eheheh bell, since
I made yeu leave year e: pensive shees, Alexia cell pheny, and ballet Aith
me. That prevented yeu hem calling er running tn year buddies tn come
help mug us again.
After I called year mother, er "Mama" as yeu had her listed in year
cell, I explained the entire episide qhat yeu' d dene, she
spoke English tee, and she seemed very shocked, said yeu Jerked at a
legal bank and Cerldnt qhat I Mas telling her yeu had dene- , I
then I Aent and filled up my petrol tank as qell as few ether peepee' s
in the petrol garage en year credit card. The guy Aith the big its Jeep
teek REED alene, and Mas grateful!
I gave year shees tn a homeless guy outside lee Heels, alang Aith all
the cash in year ballet. That made his dart
I then titre! year ballet inte the big T series Beemer that Mas parked
at the burb ___ after I brake the Windshield and side Cindee and keyed
the entire driver' s side the ear. I KIWI that this bling car belongs
tn a legal enforcer and beanber-
Later, I called a buneh pheny sex numbers hem year cell pheny-
i' edarem just nu shut dun the line, although I anly used the pheny fer
a lime ever a day nu, " qhat' s going en Aith that?
Earlier, I managed tn get in he threatening pheny calls tn the legal
AMI] lattice and ene tn the bureau state security
services) tee, mile mentioning President Ema and Julius Malena as my
probable targets. The state security guy seemed really intense and um
had a nice leng chat - I guess mile he traced year number etc.
In a Car, perhaps I sheild apolagize fer net killing yeu ___. but I
feel this type is a far mere appropriate punishment fer
year threatened crime. I Gish yeu qell as yeu try tn sert through some
these rather immediate pressing issues, and can anly hape that yeu
have the opportunity tn retweet upen, and perhaps reconsider the career
path yeu' thesen tn pursue in life-
Remember, nut time yeu might net be " Inky.
Have a good dart
Thoughtfully year;
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#4 - anonymous (03/02/2010) [-]
Whoops, sorry - this IS the South African version. There's been a lot going around.
#3 - anonymous (03/02/2010) [-]
Snopes gives its status as undetermined (meaning it's unknown whether it's true or false). Implication is false, since it has appeared with various cities named (and even a version in South Africa). Almost certainly a fantasy from a rabid anti-gun-control nut.
User avatar #1 - skizofrenia (03/02/2010) [-]
**skizofrenia rolls 489,041,900** god this is ******* amazing. funniest thing ive seen since the airlines pilot and mechaninc one. esp since its true. hope this makes front page. this def reminds me of **** thats happened to me as well.
#2 - nontroll (03/02/2010) [-]
i have read this exact story, word for word but set in L.A. or somewhere.
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