Harry Potter Facts Part 5. Glad FJ isn't sick of these, they're quite fun to make 6: funnyjunk.com/funny_pictures/2408364/Harry+Potter+Facts+Part+6/ 4: funnyjun
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Harry Potter Facts Part 5

Fatter facts
1. Dream does net merry Pansy
because both he end JO? elway:
hated her.
Cl, Lord I/ we: of
leving :omeone because he we:
benefited under the effect of e leve
3. James Potter we: actually e Chaser
in (quidditch, end net e seeker e: it is
said in the n' Tuvie.
4. The veil in GNP at the h/ is the
barrier between the lend of living end
the lend of the dead when e living
ber: en it, the :eul:
recognize e laved ene nearby end
attempt tid ,
5. For his audition tape, Rupert
dressed up like his fennell dren' Te
Teecher end rapped about Ren
Wee: ley. He sent it inte e program
that weild get the nen' Te:
aspiring ener: end eare:: e:.
began, "Hello, my nen' Te': Rupert
Grim, I hope you den' T Think I :."
f in Yiur I
6. Hermione is the oinly ene in the trio
whe returned tid :. She
completed her Tth veer begenning
Ginny‘: veer.
it if
F. we: believed that I/
weild heve become e ghost after
his death, but JO? said his :eul we:
split ) mew Time: he is instead
trapped in linage.
Glad these ere Mill of d,
enjoyment :)
More green thumbs than red
gets e new post of facts.
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Dubs and blizzards for everybody!
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Thanks for uploading these, they're AWESOME
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