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User avatar #91 - GrammarOne (03/02/2010) [-]
I personally prefer Xbox 360 because of the better online, but 98% of the people online are either: 12 Year old kids with tourettes syndrome, 48 year old guys still in their mom's basements, or 14-21 year old faggots.
#148 to #91 - Psykopathic **User deleted account** (03/02/2010) [-]
You just described America.
#145 to #91 - HAPPYGIRAFFE **User deleted account** (03/02/2010) [-]
but then theres me a hacker/moder and a dick to little kids
#101 to #91 - MissaCoolbeans (03/02/2010) [-]
I completly agree dear God you anwered my prayers..... you have the same opinion as me
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