Listen to song is description read along. Regular crowd shuffles Saturday. . . Making love to his tonic and There' s an old
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Listen to song is description read along

Regular crowd shuffles
Saturday. . .
Making love to his tonic and
There' s an
old man
sitting next
I' m not
He said "Sen really sure
can you play V how it
me a memory? groos. u
when I wore a
nger man's
But it' s sad
and it' s
sweet, and l
knew it
la la la,
La la, dum
charus starts here
sing us a song,
you' re the piano i
And you'
t got us
V feeling
C') 'NF' alright
the mood for a
I melody
anti chorus
New John at the oar is a
friend of mine...
6 Sup. C
And he' ll light up your
who gets me my drinks for free.
And he' s quick with a
I we km huh
He says "Bill, I believe
this is killing me..."
But there's
some place
that he' d
rather he ._
As the smile ran away from his
who never had
time for a
Now Paul is a
real estate
And he' s talking with Davy,
Who' s still in the navy
And the
And pobably waitress is
will he for g practicing
G) life GI politics
As the business men
slowly get stoned
yes. they're sharing a
drink they call loneliness
But it' s
better than
It' s a pretty
good crowd for a
And the
gives me a
Ft smile...
cause he knows that its me
they' been coming to see
To forget
about life
for a while
And the microphone smells
like a beer
And the piano, it sounds like
a carnival...
And say "Man, what are you
And they sit at the bar and doing here?"
put bread in my jar. _.
la la la,
La la, dum
ls Fin.
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User avatar #5 - lawlwuut (07/25/2011) [-]
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tl;dnr, but it seems like it took a while, +1
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i love this song!
i love this song!
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