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User avatar #307 - AmazingRedStuff (07/25/2011) [-]
>Playing LoL with two friends
>Come across a ****** Morde
>"Lol it's k, we can carry him"
>He goes 0/16/0
>Friend who tried to carry went 10/0/0
>Everyone else around that
>Get to the enemy Nexus
>Morde: i win you win cuz of me
>Ryze: No kid, you suck.
>Morde: **** you!
>Morgana: No, you suck.
>Morde: **** YOU FAGGOTS ****

So, anyone on FJ play LoL?
#360 to #307 - anonymous (07/25/2011) [-]
i like heimer because the turrets fight so i dont have to :3
User avatar #319 to #307 - lanipafork (07/25/2011) [-]
was his name kingtrunks? wait no it wasnt i never do that bad im getting wukong
#314 to #307 - anonymous (07/25/2011) [-]
Lulz. I love at the end when a team loses, they usually blame it on one person and go "LOST CUZ OF -insert name-" and its like their whole team was just ****** or uncoordinated. Oh people of LoL
User avatar #317 to #314 - AmazingRedStuff (07/25/2011) [-]
I hate that too, but this Morde was SO BAD. Hell, Morgana had 16 kills, and that's the first time I've EVER seen that.
#321 to #317 - anonymous (07/25/2011) [-]
Well if any FJers wanna add me, im Adomisk. My main AP = Veigar Supporter = Taric Tank =Singed AD= Lee Sin/hopefully Wu Kong
User avatar #322 to #321 - AmazingRedStuff (07/25/2011) [-]
I'm still pretty new to the game, but I'll add you when I get home from vacation.
User avatar #316 to #313 - AmazingRedStuff (07/25/2011) [-]
Who do you main? I just took up Veigar after maining Ryze for a few days. Veigar is such a nuke in late game.
#327 to #316 - sdchampion (07/25/2011) [-]
Just gotta be careful with Veig in the early game. People WILL hunt you. I usually main AD's 'cause I don't have AP runes yet. Tryndamere with a well-timed Cleanse will rape everyone. Even if they get a Thornmail, I counter it with 2 Bloodthirstiers. The lifesteal > return damage.
User avatar #454 to #327 - AmazingRedStuff (07/25/2011) [-]
Yeah, I've noticed that. When I'm soloing a lane, SUDDENLY everyone is trying to kill me. They abandon my friends playing Morgana and Ashe JUST TO KILL ME.
User avatar #311 to #307 - sninjaman (07/25/2011) [-]
yes man i play if u want to add me my gt is sninja beast 68
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