Studio Apartment Troll (sorry if long). Oh Lawd. Sorry if it is repost.. Spacious Studio Apartment Posted at: 14: 33: 33 I 378 I Add Comment original ad: Hello.
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Studio Apartment Troll (sorry if long)

Oh Lawd. Sorry if it is repost.

Spacious Studio Apartment
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original ad:
Hello. I am a responsible young professional looking to sublet a studio or 1
apt in or around East foliage. I am looking to move in on Mar 15. EUGENE is my
budget- Thans
I am leaving tor London on business and need to sublet my studio apartment
immediately- It is a beautiful spacious apartment in the East village (near Tompkins
Square Park). Rent is and you can move in as soon as February
25th. Please let me know if you are interested
From Ari m” to Me:
Hi Mike thanks tor responding. A few questions: how big is the apt? how long can is
the lease til? do you have any pics or a floor plan? I want to move in on mar 15- is
that ?
From Me to Ari mm:
March 15th is fine with me. The apartment is 370 square feet- I don' t have any
pictures, but I have included a floor plan to give you an idea of the layout of the
apartment. The lease is up in November 2011, but you have the option to renew if
you wish. Please let me know if you have any more questions about the apartment-
From Ari “Y” to Me:
Mike did you send me the wrong plan or is there really a pool in your apartment-
From Me to Ari mm:
Oh, yes. I should have mentioned the pool. I had an exercise pool installed in the
apartment because I was training tor a swimming marathon. It is a really nice pool. It
is as inches deep with powerful jets and a vinyl liner. The pool is great if you like to
From Ari tta Me:
Thats a pretty important thing to forget to mention, doncha think?! It takes up the
whole taing apartment! How is there no bathroom?? Where am I supposed to
shower and sleep?
From ME tta Ari MI
I know, it is a really nice pool. I usually use the kitchen as the bathroom. You can
either pee in the sink, or out the window. The window overlooks an alley behind tth
St, and most of the time nobody walks below you. Even if you do piss on someone,
you are on the an floor so they will probably have no idea where it came from. By
the time it hits them, you will most likely be apparel up and have the window shut.
The sink has a garbage disposal in case you need to take a dump-
Showering? Yon don' t need to shower - you have a pool! Just go tor a swim any
time you are trying to wash om
Sleep'? We got that too. I have an extremely comfortable pool raft I sleep
on. It is like sleeping on a waterbears It has a couple of cup holders you can put your
phone/ keys/ beer/ whatever in. I' ll include this with the apartment tor an extra .
I am tree tomorrow if you want to check the place out and fill out the sublet papers.
From Ari “Y” to Me:
Hmm well yes that does sound nice, but I am looking tor a place where I dont have
to **** in my sink and sleep in a goddamn pool. Come on man! Good luck timing
someone to rent you' ll need in
From Me to Ari mm:
You don' t have to **** in the sink, it must an option. You can also **** out the
window, or **** in a bucket next to the window and clump it out the window. There is
an Indian restaurant that backs up to the alley, so it already smells like **** clown
At least come over and try my raft before you decide that sleeping in a pool is a
bad thing- I' ll even throw in a couple of pool noodles tor tree
From Ari “Y” to Me:
Stop trying to sell me your nos apartment, if you can even call it that. You know
what makes an apartment an apartment? A bed Bathroom. Furnature- NOT A
******* POOL.
Why am I arguing with you? This is ******* ridiculous. Conversation over.
From ME tta Ari MI
Why are you so afraid of sleeping in this pool? Be honest, do you not know how to
swim? If so, I can give you the number of a good lifeguard I know.
From Ari tta Me:
Shut the hell up- I hope you drown in your pool!
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