Missing Cat. . Clueless Secretary Prompts Hi arious Office Email Thread By Sadie stein. Jul it new PM No, seriously Just man this in its entirety. hum the top.  missing cat funny
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Missing Cat

Clueless Secretary Prompts Hi arious Office
Email Thread
By Sadie stein. Jul it new PM
No, seriously Just man this in its entirety. hum the top. amuse 'fyou havent yer seen gyro
Thorns‘. you need ta. Right new
SWY was
Shannon line secretary) has lost her mono has asked David one graphic designer) to new with a last poster, This IS
their emu! .
Read hom lap to barium
From Shannon Wacey
Date may 21 inns mm 9
Tatt David Thorns
Subject: Rosier
I mailed N screen ow yesterday and my cat not out and has been shoe then so I was wondering ' you are not
to bus on could make a . It has to helm and I will photocopy and put , around my sumo this .
This IS the only photo of hail have she answers to are name Missy who is black and mine and abouts anoning do
on Harper areal and my Phone winner.
Thanks Shan
From avid Theme
D may 21 June we 9
To: Shannon Walesa
subject: Re: Rosier
near ,
Theirs shocking news.
I have can exe' completed walk this . I will. oi course, on everything and dc wherever ll
was ' tate his speedy Mum of Missy,
Regards. David
From shaman Walkout
nets. Mayday 21 June 2010 9
Tatt David Thorns
subject: Re. Re Rosier
yeah oi thanks I know you devil like can but I am really wenier about mine. I have to leave sirloin may
From: David Thaw
D Mammy 21 June 2010 In/ Ham
To: Shannan "styley
subject: Re: Re Re. Rosier
Dear Shannon,
I never said I ma power as managed
Rooms. new
A summon -
Flam: shaman
Date: Monday 21 June 2010 10
To: David Theme
Subject: Re Re. Re Re. Foster
yew men not Maat I was looking Int sun 11 looks like u movie and how name lire photo oi Missy is so small?
From: as Thorns
new Mono» 21 who 2010 10
Ta: Walkies
Subject: Re Re Re. Re: Foster
Dear Shannon.
a design tiring The cat is lost In the negative space.
Regards. David
From; Lateley
DIE: MOOGLY 21 Julie 2010
To: David “lame
Re: Re Re: Re Panel
can you no , plane? I am extremely over this and was up all night In tears. you
runny Can you make the photo bigger please and " the maria do l in please Thanks,
no Thorns
one Monday 21 June . isam
To: shaman
Subject: Re: Ra Re: Re Re Ra: Roster
Dear Shannan.
Having walked with designers fare few years now, wwould have assumed you , respite our vague
we do not criticism I dori‘ and tell you my In send new
messages. lag who Focebook and look out the window. I have amended silo attached the poster as per your
Rewards, David
note: Monday 21 June 2010 10.
Tu: Dam Thoma
subject: Re: Re Re: Re Re: Re: Re Roster
T is wise than liontamer one can you make " so it shows the whale photo and oasis the stupid
says missing on in I just want Mo any Lost
From: David Them-
lusts: Monday 21 Julie mm It main
To shown
subject: Re. Re Rtt: Re Re Re Re Re Poster
From Shannon Wanda
Date. Moridin 21 who 201011,
To: avid Thorns
subject; Re Re: KER: Re Re: Re Re Rtt: Poster
yeah can you to the poster or mat? I lust wani a photo aria the worn lost and ins number and when and where
she was lost and her name. Nat We a movie ' stupid. I hive to have any may Home your on I
warld new you. Thanks
From Duh!
D 21 June 2010 It
Tn: Shannon
subject; Am
Dear Shannon,
I om have is out I once agreed to look Mtar a limo‘: out fora week out any he brower new at my
examined the kitty liner I have inched the amended of your poster as per your detailed trittons.
Regards, David
I' ABT 0433 an
From Shannan
D may 21 June 2010 ll
To: David more
subject: Re: Aaww
more not my on when on you on that ? molest is orange I gave you or photo or my cal.
From new Thorns
D moiety 2010 11.
Subject; Re Re: Aaww
I know. our that one is cute. As Missy has quite possum me! any one arms. it is you might get s
battered out or this calls and an "I navin' ocean our our I did lino a meek and while one with "
hind was run over by u can do you worn iv?’ you can Wkly dentin: and save yoursefl u easily bill
Rooms. new
From Shannon Buckley
none. may 21 June 2010 12 morn
To: new more
Re RE Re Am
Please just use the photo I gave you
From: David Thoma
nulls Monday 21 June we 12
To: Shannon gallileo
subject: Re. Re Re. Re. Aaww
WWW 0483 8!! 105
From: Shannon Walkies
new Monday 21 June 12.
To. Dam Home
subject: Re: Re Re Re: Re Aaww
loom say more was a reward loom have GONE! instore you even that l is
puma can you please remaining inward his Thanks shun.
From; David Thoma
Data. Monday 21 June 12.
To: Shannan
CONTACT 0433 35! 105
From; Shannon
Date Monday 21 June 2010
To: no d Thorns
subject: Re: Re: Re Re: Re Re: Re Am
cs you just amass one the mam on on ? I new to leave in ten minutes and I no have to make photocopies
in it
From: David Theme
DIM: Monday 21 June 2010 12.
Yo: warm
Re Re: Re Re: Re Re: Re Re: Aaww
III Ttis
Duh Birtday 21 who 1.
To new Thom
Fine. That will have to no
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seen it before, but still funny as ****. thumb for you