Meme Diagnosis Part 2. part tre possibly? part 1: T reccomend seeing an You have guite the underbite. And  Meme Diagnosis
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Meme Diagnosis Part 2

T reccomend
seeing an
have guite the
underbite. And
yes, l saw you
l take all my
atl tongue
t" depressors. put
H them back
Everything seems
That tends to
happen to women
about onee a
month. Nothing to
H worry about.
By the looks of
your eye you
have been struck
by some blunt
object. Also, a
N salad wouldnt
fix hurt onee in a
1" tubby.
Just kill
Acoording to
your medical
records you had
a stroke when
you were 12.
And then again
when you were
By the looks of
your triangle eyes
and butt shaped
mouth, somebody
sewed your eyes
1 I, shut in a
rah triangular shape.
j,.,"._, and then your mouth
Notn an ass shape.
h, and out off your
l . nose and ears. and
shaved your head
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Submitted: 07/22/2011
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User avatar #3 - apronboobsface (07/22/2011) [-]
"Just kill yourself" - ******* lol'd
#1 - piratebayamon (07/22/2011) [+] (1 reply)
a bit of air left my lungs through my nose in a rapid fashion and i pulled up the right corner of my mouth slightly.

please proceed.
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