Facts of Randomness. The More You Know : ]. A ll CHASIN EN 7 THE Bal A Mlai' THE GAME SWW . ms ovum IN WAN.. I spent about five minutes staring at the one about scrabble, trying to figure out what it meant. I was reading the word highest as hig-hest. Am I retarded or s
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Facts of Randomness

The More You Know : ]

7 THE Bal
A Mlai'
ms ovum IN WAN.
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Submitted: 07/19/2011
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User avatar #77 - burdman (07/20/2011) [-]
User avatar #76 - sammyhagarrulez (07/20/2011) [-]
**sammyhagarrulez rolls 24**
#75 - BNofuv ONLINE (07/20/2011) [-]
User avatar #73 - backupzhere (07/20/2011) [-]
The oklahoma one is ******** . i live in oklahoma.
#72 - dustdevil **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #71 - Thenewguygunther (07/20/2011) [-]
see lightning storm approaching
gather massive amounts of bread
put bread on metal sheet on top of tall hill
get to a safe location
wait for lightning to strike bread
check bread to see if it is at preferred crispiness
congratulations you now have a ******** of toast
User avatar #67 - FligFlag (07/20/2011) [-]
Also if the queen gets on a bus everyone else has to get off. And the queen can claim any land in Britain as hers.
User avatar #66 - sipderbitman (07/20/2011) [-]
lol what am i reading?

#64 - anonymous (07/20/2011) [-]
Takes skill to take pictures of a coffee table book and post em online. Kudos
User avatar #63 - hobocheesecake (07/20/2011) [-]
Hitler sometimes ate pigeon and rabbit, but yeah, for the most part he was vegetarian.
User avatar #62 - Scorpionjak (07/20/2011) [-]
Well it makes absolute sense we see better when we're scared, we need to either identify the problem & attack or find the fastest way to get the hell out of there.
#61 - czelen **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#60 - kizzleb (07/20/2011) [-]
Knowledge is power, therefore I HAVE THE POWER!!!
#59 - anonymous (07/20/2011) [-]
ive never heard watermelon referred to as vegetable here
#58 - pasiusquotum (07/20/2011) [-]
<-- You forgot one more fact
#57 - czelen **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#56 - umadlolol (07/20/2011) [-]
I only used the top row of my keyboard to type: TYPEWRITER.
#65 to #56 - anonymous (07/20/2011) [-]

the typewriter was the first thing with QWERTY layout.
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