Andy the frog.. Comic by me. Story by bo burnham (If you didn't see it on the comic. ) Spare a thumb. Took forever to make.. Dnoe upon a time, There was a young
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Andy the frog.

Comic by me. Story by bo burnham (If you didn't see it on the comic. ) Spare a thumb. Took forever to make.

Dnoe upon a time, There was a
young frog names Andy. Andy
lives in the Flat park pond and
had never hopped anywhere else
in his entire frog life.
Andy lived a peaceful life
until one sunday morning
Andy saw something across
the pond. "Millie, Billy,
Roger! LDEK!"
She' s beautiful!
She' s gorgeous!"
But then she was gone. "I need to go
find her." said andy. "I need to
follow my heart." So Andy followed the
beautiful frag' s footprints into the
Please?" said Andy.
Then something rustled in the bushes
and then like a man who was shot in the
chest with a rifle, the turtle was shot
in the chest with a rifle.
Be wanted to keep going but Be
didn' t feel up for it. At this
point, like the doctor from the
Kenyan track team, his patience
ran thin.
He then came across a giant
c: crocadile. He asked him "Have you
seen a beautiful frog?" The crocadile
began to chant. "I woke up this
morning, and sat on a lag. I opened
up a menu and the menu said FREE!"
He had 3 best friends. Millie,
who never left her lily pad.
Billy who was always hopping
mad. And Roger, who was
arrested for possession of
tadpole porn.
Across the pond was the most beautiful
frog he had ever seen. It was as if Andy
had personified multiple versions of every
letter of the alphabet, and one group of
letters tried to convince him. the
holocaust never happened, Andy couldn' t
believe his eyes.
Bit old for my
taste___ n paid Roger
He then came across a turtle.
You oan' t pass!" Said the
Andy said thanks to a nearby
hunter. He couldn' t believe his
liok, like an abusive husband
who abuses not with physical
violence, but by throwing
random parties, it struck him
by surprise.
Andy continued to follow the
beautiful frog.
I need to
find, her T need to follow my
Andy said "ND!!! ND PLEASE LET
The moral of the story is
irrelevant because we' re
human s .
story by: Bo burnham
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Submitted: 07/19/2011
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your reading skill has just increased by 1
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lol dint reedzzz
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