Sand Whore.. .. So what did you do at the beach today? I made a giant sand penis. ok im going now. whore sand penis
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User avatar #5 - BrianStorm (07/04/2009) [-]
So what did you do at the beach today? I made a giant sand penis. ok im going now.
#4 - shelbocephusFAIL (07/03/2009) [-]
ha.. the funny part is that all the dudes think its THEIR penis... haha, NO. I bet that the penis belongs to the girl... in a sick way. YOU NEVER KNOW. she could have a hairy wang... watch out young men. chicks ^^ (yay!) stop being whores and bending over for a sand dong. thats unclean.
#20 - anonymous (12/28/2009) [-]
#19 - anonymous (11/04/2009) [-]
she's pretty hot. i'd tap.
love you, grace. (yeah, in a creepy way)
#18 - anonymous (10/13/2009) [-]
grace gonna hate this so bad. we need this on funny junk
#17 - anonymous (10/09/2009) [-]
whoever put this up is a ******* . **** .
#15 - anonymous (08/10/2009) [-]
someone's sister is making them proud hahaha
#11 - anonymous (07/18/2009) [+] (4 replies)
AWESOME, me nd my mates made a penis in the sand at our school's triple jump pit, we all pretended we had monster sand cocks LOL captcha: aloft
#10 - anonymous (07/16/2009) [-]
i want to rape rape you
#9 - darkdragons (07/12/2009) [-]
Pour Some Sugar on Me
#8 - anonymous (07/06/2009) [-]
i want to rape you
#7 - anonymous (07/05/2009) [-]
i bet she just made it her self and wants to be a whore,and she's probly showing of her boobs...
#6 - anonymous (07/04/2009) [-]
Wont she get Sand in there? Captcha:Opium
#3 - anonymous (07/03/2009) [-]
it's a fossilized dinosaur's penis.
#2 - anonymous (07/03/2009) [-]
haha grace is gonna be pissed when she sees this
#1 - anonymous (07/03/2009) [-]
dood no frikin way i was just lookin at the thing and this popped up so if the dood who just posted this sees my thing he has to go and ****** cook some baecon for a reward
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