Shit Bricks. When you see it you'll brix.. wat a fantastic role model she is you will shit yo

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#4 - japartus **User deleted account** (03/02/2010) [-]
**japartus rolls 769,570,521**
Aww **** ....Another bathroom pic...
#3 - GarbonzoBeans **User deleted account** (02/28/2010) [-]
**GarbonzoBeans rolls 158,341,519** Aw dog! She's not on At&t's network!
#2 - tackleking (02/28/2010) [-]
wat a fantastic role model she is
User avatar #1 - AwesomeJT ONLINE (02/28/2010) [+] (1 reply)
is that a child in the bathtub?
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