Green Eggs and Ham. u mad?.. bravo, good sir The Game
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#1 - arnolducus
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(07/15/2011) [-]
bravo, good sir
bravo, good sir
User avatar #2 - TENeleven
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(07/15/2011) [-]
Would you do it on a train?
Would you do it in the rain?
Would eat some shards of glass?
Would you take in in the ass?
Would you rip it off your face?
Would you end the human race?
Would you say the Holocaust was fake?
Would you eat some "yellow cake?"
Would you be a terrorist?
Would you eat an oily cyst?
Would you have your gender changed?
Walk into an Archery Range?
Would you light yourself on fire?
Would you drown in a marshy mire?
Would you anger poisonous snakes?
**** yourself with a sideways rake?
Kill your family in a fit of rage?
What would you do to get Front Page?
User avatar #4 - GreenEggsAndHam
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(09/19/2011) [-]
^ .. Mmmm
User avatar #3 - Yams
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(07/16/2011) [-]
well that just about sums it up.