The Amazing Brain. Credit to Reddit. bruigi You mikethree pounds of brain In your head Most or it must water. But what you are capable or with the rest is stagg Brain amazing epic The Game

The Amazing Brain

Credit to Reddit

You mikethree pounds of brain In your head Most or it must water.
But what you are capable or with the rest is staggering.
The fastest a
no billion neurons consuming , Megawatts
Power (5300 home.
no brain has bean
mated at 100
Can process lo.
no second each D" ses
24 hours and A minutes. That is one digit every 1. 2 seconds. continuously.
a 24 year old college student at the time.
E most speed memory records. Ramon (Samba)/ In can memorize 17 numbers
u second and as binary humus in one second. among others. its binary
is looks like this
Daniel Tammet Sylenth_
At the age of tour Tammet Mirrir. several epileptic seizures which is hell
have created " condition. He sees numbers as shapes and colors and can
creations without conscious effort. This includes cutie roots to hundreds _
places and reciting 22. 514 digits of pi in F. hours. He speaks an languag ‘g
mg fluent in Icelandic in only one week, and is also a best selling author.
Judo Serra Acquired Savant
was 10 he was hit in the head with a baseball but ', the game. Now
n Instantly recall the day 07 the week. weather. and what he was dams for
SINCE the accident without conscious effort. He has no other swan!
Born weighing 1. 5 lbs. and he cannot tell left from right or count to _
can may every was he has ever heard perfectly in any style (Wick:
Peterson. Fur Elise as Mozart). He can identify and may back 10 simultaneous ' '
Peek Mt. Everest of Memory
Ks abilities were the oasis for the character E Rain Man. He knew every area
D code in the us could provide mainquest like directions within any major Us
between them. could read two pages at once (one with each eye) in l seconds
i i accuracy. and has read over 12, 000 books this way. Ne was not mentally
V T or MIEN but was unable to master basic life skills. He was missing the
which connects his brains hemispheres.
Allan Snider thinks so As Director of the center at the university E Mi I
Snyder has been bombarding the left temporal lobe oi Sub] with "
Mal magnetic stimulation and unlocking swank like abilities. By shutting N
part of the left hemisphere in the drain. it is able to allow the right to flour!’
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