Our brains are amazing. I know it's not funny, but it's amazing. I already know imma have 100 tl,dr , but honestly its worth it, so sit the down and read it.. b Brain amazing The Game
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Our brains are amazing

I know it's not funny, but it's amazing.
I already know imma have 100 tl,dr **** , but honestly its worth it, so sit the **** down and read it.

You mikethree pounds of brain In your head Most or it must water.
But what you are capable or with the rest is staggering.
The fastest a
no billion neurons consuming , Megawatts
Power (5300 home.
no brain has bean
mated at 100
Can process lo.
no second each D" ses
24 hours and A minutes. That is one digit every 1. 2 seconds. continuously.
a 24 year old college student at the time.
E most speed memory records. Ramon (Samba)/ In can memorize 17 numbers
u second and as binary humus in one second. among others. its binary
is looks like this
Daniel Tammet Sylenth_
At the age of tour Tammet Mirrir. several epileptic seizures which is hell
have created " condition. He sees numbers as shapes and colors and can
creations without conscious effort. This includes cutie roots to hundreds _
places and reciting 22. 514 digits of pi in F. hours. He speaks an languag ‘g
mg fluent in Icelandic in only one week, and is also a best selling author.
Judo Serra Acquired Savant
was 10 he was hit in the head with a baseball but ', the game. Now
n Instantly recall the day 07 the week. weather. and what he was dams for
SINCE the accident without conscious effort. He has no other swan!
Born weighing 1. 5 lbs. and he cannot tell left from right or count to _
can may every was he has ever heard perfectly in any style (Wick:
Peterson. Fur Elise as Mozart). He can identify and may back 10 simultaneous ' '
Peek Mt. Everest of Memory
Ks abilities were the oasis for the character E Rain Man. He knew every area
D code in the us could provide mainquest like directions within any major Us
between them. could read two pages at once (one with each eye) in l seconds
i i accuracy. and has read over 12, 000 books this way. Ne was not mentally
V T or MIEN but was unable to master basic life skills. He was missing the
which connects his brains hemispheres.
Allan Snider thinks so As Director of the center at the university E Mi I
Snyder has been bombarding the left temporal lobe oi Sub] with "
Mal magnetic stimulation and unlocking swank like abilities. By shutting N
part of the left hemisphere in the drain. it is able to allow the right to flour!’
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