11 people you will meet at the beach. All credits go to .. no mars trot a coal rack There re a human new under all mat ram This guy Mes" we the beam He mums we
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11 people you will meet at the beach

no mars trot a coal rack There re a human new under all mat ram This guy Mes" we the beam He
mums we beach us a relaxer planets read rts Milan crumbed You can usually Md m on my oratory and
an umbrella, thats, n you nexu' I juslike mm luv a We or only laundy He' s a lump that gets
In we way name you (INN want non there He Musnt even warn mere Mn one has even
seen The sto, but rumor has It that " brighter than the sun
Htr' s aways ready m me some waves menu he awn a summary And he rtress' t men whywhy sum
Expect may m Snead we or nus beach adventure panning ream hard Mitt a wave, new cameo
we Leeann, hack nulls were the waves are breaking, and now Italain He' s " nus own
worm when he my neurones that he' s wry Slater and everyone us by my nee now
The Guy Who...
Wait us that a
was It a dolphin? No, mars a shark There e. a shark " me water Aludra‘ l ream mere even were sharks
around here Mauls no We need m valuate we [reach ram , mere us really a shark m we water u
thunk we new guy This noes rum hunk noon
The Lifeguard
Who' s Too Busy
Hitting on Girls
to Notice I ‘
can you mane rm’: we any can mo no meters m less notates, and an he hasto snow luv nus
wane and a He' s now march Vanna hinge tremors, yr you Maw what u mean That
rs a total me magnet any MAYBE HE SHOULD BE news IT To ALERT EVERYONE THAT THERE
Oh **** That
Shark Is Really
Gaining on Him
come UN, many you were merry ham to catch a sworn wave, now Yuma m serous danger an
our or there! or punch It m we nose ' what wore supposed no no TI shark noes Inf you you
neeh to get null aims water more t names no that
rem anyone now no new now , ca[ dosomething There must be someway we can no Daru'
stand were Mayne we an can sham no mars a nan Inez someone no !
**** Man That Shark
ls Definitely Gonna Eat
That Dude
on run, no no no ream warm u dam warn to see someone the may
Oh Thank God! "
The Overdressed’ s &/
o the ruck ovum It noes to snow you you ' someone try what' s on me Wynne Mom
weer nan what I aam anon hum earner The crossdresser E a new We snow all more m tre more We non
How many mes a nay no you has up an no help ’ l Because one we snow be low many
And sto cancers no , so meow up we mat IS annually my smart
The Bear Disguised
as a Beachgoers
Hey Murat than a we lacking SAND CREAM CONE you got were , we no noun unto a
frozen near name silver glued to me hand Hey cry {unease rre wants an we cream qtme, new any
when he owns nus roe cream we In/ mu rimmed mar nan, you merhen' t have drunken It, sumo up
and pretend than sand Grams are This rs your mum cone, you' re not getting another one
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