Only in Japan. WTF Japan Seriously?. Sn... This is Ogawa Kei, a famous Japanese pitcher, that even played in major league. He has several awards: ertime All Sta
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Only in Japan

WTF Japan Seriously?

Sn... This is Ogawa Kei, a famous
Japanese pitcher, that even
played in major league.
He has several awards:
ertime All Star
Central League strikeout champion
MVP in Central League
and ethers...
He was quite popular during
the early 2000' s in hymn and
in sequined the
New York Yankees...
But rm net hereto tell you his
achievements cu: probably nu
cine cares...
Thething is this guy was a otaku and .
When I say an otaku... I mean it, he
was weirdo.
Same stuffie doses; Remote
watching soccer (he has
thousands videos... even
though heis a baseball player),
watches inuyasha, Detective canan,
play video games, read manga, and
other stuff
During an interview he was asked why he
became a baseball player and he said:
well... when I was a little kid I played
a jay baseball game) and I
wanted my name to appear in the game"
Then the interviewer continued;
Your stats last year were pretty bad,
haw did you became the Central League
strikeout champion this year?"
And he responded saying that a friend of
his was playing , but he didn' t
have him in his team. "Srry Bra, your
stats were tee law" So he wen the award
so his stats would get up
There was a match in which he raped the other team, he
didn' t let them get a single run and almost
everyon _ Even though this was just a friendly match
These sen of a bitches made us play 14 inning last time, and
I missed Detective Kennan that day. This is a payback fur that
He never missed a single Detective (He has even missed a end
canan er inuyasha episodene his .er. the. to
entire career (expect the day he had watch canan)
to play )
The day alter the voice actress of canan get married, Kei missed
a practice because he was "depressed"
The day he was supposed to get payed
only his manager showed up.
His manager said:
He is standing in a line to buy the new
Final Fantasy
in his Final Fantasy vii game, he has all characters
level 74 with all ab ties and secrets unlocked...
without cheating obviously.
The uniform of his baseball team had
vertical strip es.
During a training day he approached
his coach and said:
Coach, let' s change the uniforms to
horizontal stripes"
The coach kicked and told him that was
absurd, it was net up to him.
The next friendly game he came with a
horizontal strip ed shirt.
He leves animes and
He likes the way main
characters arean a
romantic manga.
So he eats all the chocolates
he receives for valentine' s
He gained around 2 kg
every Valentine' s day)
Why is it that this kind unpeople only
app ear in lap an? m
Please dont be
harsh :00
Producing 78% nuns worlds mam **** , since 1952,
Far mere randam lap stuff
DC by icefall
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