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User avatar #16 - elscorchinator
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(07/09/2011) [-]
-*********************** His Memory was ******* erased you idiot ever seen Episode Three?!
#27 to #16 - shum
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(07/09/2011) [-]
U just failed, i watched e1-e3 of starwars yday, the senator that takes leya in his care gives both c3po and r2d2 to captain whatever his name is and tells him to have the protocol droids memory wiped (as we all know c3po is the protocol droid and r2d2 is astro droid) so you better go and learn your **** before braging u know stuff

2:05:02 the time in e3 it happens
User avatar #21 to #16 - AbsentMinded
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(07/09/2011) [-]