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#29 - sircool
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(07/07/2011) [-]
no, i really don't. first of all, there wouldn't be any possible desmond story, unless they explain that they mate then poof, there goes child innocence, second the graphics would suck so much, being downgraded from 3d models in 3d worlds to 2d models? ya, that'll look great. 3rd, wtf could they use as weapons? and why the **** would they leap of faith when the dumb bitch has friggin wings? and who on top of that would be the templars? now to put all that on top of the fact this is just cheesy ass fan art, no i really don't want this. i'd burn down the gaming studio that would make this.
User avatar #69 to #29 - blackkid
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(07/08/2011) [-]
I read that whole thing in Bugs Bunny's voice. Best thing that ever happened.
#43 to #29 - flamyras
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(07/08/2011) [-]
Oh dear Sircool, it is simply a desire for a good game based upon the herds favorite girls. Aside from 3 shock games starring Luna and an awesome (but really really short) creepypasta RPG, we have little in the way of interactive entertainment.

Besides, chances are the whole game would have to be re-written in an equine reality, so Desmond isn't a problem. Also, I'm bored. How are you?
#30 to #29 - malizlewa [OP] **User deleted account**
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#31 to #30 - sircool
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(07/07/2011) [-]
it's a hell of a lot better then saying "PPONYZ ARE GAY" so deal with it
User avatar #49 to #31 - cdm
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(07/08/2011) [-]
Thank you, kind sir, for bringing intelligence to the argument.
#32 to #31 - malizlewa [OP] **User deleted account**
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