Make the world the way you want it! EP 2. Part one: I promised myself to make a part tw Y u no listen
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Make the world the way you want it! EP 2

Make the world the way you want it! EP 2. Part one: I promised myself to make a part tw

Part one:
I promised myself to make a part two, so here it is guise!
By the way, don't read tags.

Hello, creator of the universe (also
called Godmin by humans) is here
again with another exciting
After taking into account the
community feedback we will be
working on several different patches
and another Title Update.
Here are the projects we are working on:
Female player model.
In an attempt to increase the fat females'
sex appeal we have increased their boobs
Flying cars DLC.
We have got a very good feedback for this
DLC, therefore we are going to release it
as soon as we all tests will be done.
Local mode DLC.
We are working on a local mode where
you can build your own world from the
ground up.
Custom animals DLC.
After the great success of Chimeras in
ancient times, we are proudly announcing
the coming back of these animals.
Cheek I tongue biting fixed.
Random cheek and tongue biting issue
during food consumption is now fixed.
Motivation module fix.
We fixed the bug where the motivation
module would randomly fail to load
causing severe problems to the players.
Respawn DLC.
Hindu DLC will now be required in order
to respawn with a new character.
Heaven I Hell DLC.
Christianity DLC will now be required in
order to access Heaven I Hell.
New badass Al player.
We are working on a new "badass"
player as the actual one, also called
Chuck Norris, is going to reach the
highest level.
Memory level increased.
After hearing a lot of complaining about
short memory issues we are announcing
an increase in memory levels. No more "l
forgot what I was going to say" problems!
Morality rate decrease.
Many players have complained about the
high levels of morality that stop them
from playing the game how they want to.
Morality levels will be decreased
Plate tectonics fix.
Earthquakes, volcanic activity, mountain-
building, and oceanic trench formation
occur along these plate boundaries. We
will fix it as soon as possible.
Tutorial time decreased.
After hearing disappointment from the
younger players about school tutorial
time being too long, we have decided to
decrease it to halve its lenght.
MP points will be increased.
Magical points (Mana) will now be more
accessible to all the community because
as of now they are only used by a very
low number of people.
Zombie Apocalypse DLC.
We will release this DLC in a few weeks,
get ready; be prepared.
We have made sure to leave room for
more iust like last time so it have
an actions to make the world
better, post it here.
would be appreciated.
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#1 - nodelius (07/06/2011) [-]
Release "Summon Sexy Woman" spell as a high level nerd class you get after a quest.
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